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Herd Profile: We Love Pat's GIRate Dong!
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We love Pat's big meaty juicy dong. We support the freeing and liberation of Pat's dong in and outside of the HP world. We fully support Pat's amateur porn career. His porn star name is Sean Donngery...and no no stunt dongs were needed. The force is strong with Pat's dong. When it comes to Pat it's on like Donkey Kong Dong. "Whoa did you see Pat's dong?… thats a dong if i’ve ever seen a dong and belive me i’ve seen many dongs. take it from me when it comes to dong I am the DONG MASTER!!"--Sally Rosan Mother of God...God bless America and all servicemen...and thier dongs.
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Pat Mertens Pat Mertens "GIRyffindor" /Fails