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Herd Profile: Eagles Nest Quotes N' Jokes 8/8
Led by Karen B | 7 members

Comon in, take a look around the nest.... Everyone is an admin as long as they follow the nest and don't disrupt the eggs ... This is a 8/8 herd.. quick, fun, and easy... If you have a quote to add to your post.. we would all love to read it.. Please, only positive quotes and nothing personal to another in hp... Rules... Pretty basic, Thumb those already here, post your 8, leave a quote on there if ya have one, delete the last person when they have 8 thumbs, You can repost with two people between you as well.... Luv your guts have fun!
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Herd leaders

Karen B Karen B Smilin' Inside

Bow BouBoe Bow BouBoe "tooth fairy"

Jake Blackett Jake Blackett "My heart" Loyal

captain jack captain jack "Piratezu" Sexy

LEESE LEESE "missed" Sparkling

Brian Crosby aka Davy Jones Brian Crosby aka Davy Jones "My Forever Love" lovin my baby

Greg Greg "Noble Wolfie" Adventurous