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The Revolving Door 30/5 | - Free online hangout and friends
Herd Profile: The Revolving Door 30/5
Led by Sonya | 44 members

The Revolving Door 30/5
Feel free to invite people you know and trust to join. Most of you know the ropes, but to those who don't:
Leave a t/p (thumbing & posting) marker to mark your spot in the Que. Thumb ALL comments to 5 (front to back). Clear & Notify the person you thumb to 5 (including the herd link). Post a comment in the C/N Topic stating who you turned to 5, and who you C/N. Post your own set of 30 comments. (wait your turn in the Que if applicable)
This is very easy.........
** You must c/n (and post in the c/n topic)
(( This keeps the rotation moving ))
** Please include the link for the herd in your notification
(( There is a faster return rate when the link is included ))
** Maxed posts must be cleared & please notify that person
** If you max giving on the last person.. meaning the person you would be turning to 5, you can still post your spam. (I am allowing this because you have thumbed almost the entire herd, and you deserve your thumbs) It does not happen that often anyway.
** There is NO UPDATING ALLOWED ** Return to t/p only after you have been notified that you are cleared.

Herd leaders

Sonya Sonya "Belle Lumière" Serene

Alli Marie Alli Marie "cutie kitty XD" Courageous

Jasna Jasna "Pequeñita" Sparkling

Annie Annie "Resting" computer problems :(

Neil Neil "kroliczek" Inspired

Patricia Patricia "Miss Tricia" Hungry

Emily Madrid Emily Madrid "The Graduate" Loyal

Mylene Mylene "Mylene ^..^" Meowww

Icey Arse Icey Arse "Icing on my cake"

Dave Purcell Dave Purcell "ღResting" Cancer slows me down on HP

Jake Blackett Jake Blackett "My heart" Loyal

Jeanine Jeanine "♥Nini♥" new tat .. woot

Bill vB Bill vB "My Superman" Sparkling

Mapacha Mapacha "♥SunSetAngel"

Lisa Lisa "Loving Lisa" 7 sleeps

SamSam SamSam Please Do not Buy Me Y(^^,)Y

Vampyre Goddess Vampyre Goddess "Wicked" The Worse Day Ever.

JJG JJG "Mi Tesoro"

Lindsay Lindsay "Linds NFS" Frisky

Ish-ka Ish-ka "Baby Sis NFS" Sparkling

Patrick Patrick

Tom Tom "Madame's Man"

Chris Zed Chris Zed "Mister Zed" Festive

Rachel Rachel "Just Me 🖤🌻" Sparkling

Roy Roy "My Roy Toy :P" Naughty & Awesome!!!

Michael A Ovenden Michael A Ovenden "King Of Smiles" Taking A Break From HP

Jill M M Jill M M "Dancing Queen" Content

Vipin Singh Vipin Singh "♥Vippie " Naughty

Kate Kate "עילוי" sleep deprived

Kat Kat "Barekatღღღ" Content

Tim P Tim P "Catnip"

Regius Draconigena Regius Draconigena "My BfF SpIke" Happy Valentines Blood Blossom!

Tsvety Tsvety "Pinky" Sparkling
Catherine Catherine "Dave's Beloved"

Erin Tomasek Erin Tomasek "topi" Gloomy

Jaycee Leigh Jaycee Leigh "My PerhapS♥" Ƀ♥Ⱦçh

Cem Akar Cem Akar "busy bird" Content

Andy S Andy S "FRANK"

Brandi Brandi "My Amazing Lady"

Nuria Nuria "CocoNutty :) NFS" starting
Angelly Angelly

Kamryn Kamryn "Little mis AWOL" Playful


Stephanie Stephanie ♥Entertain me♥

Carol Carol Not Happy With Some

Enchantress Enchantress "My Sexy Kitten" Loyal

Nigel Armstrong Nigel Armstrong "Nigel" Watchin n Waitin

Amanda Amanda Tingles in all the right spots

Evona Evona Sad

STORM STORM "My African Angel"

Ralphy Ralphy ♥Rachel's Forever♥

Andy Andy "Frisky Andy" Crazy

haley samis haley samis ".Disco." Feisty
Star Star "Sparkles" Feisty

Edge Edge "Nikan"

_Phantom_ _Phantom_ "Adored and Loved" Unsure

A d y A d y "~ Ady ~" Sparkling
Tia Tia "♥MIA♥" happy now miss?lol