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Magick, Witchcraft, Spirituality… terms that are being used more and more commonly these days. But what do they mean?

There are so many variations, definitions, styles, types and approaches to these subjects that a maelstrom of Chaos has been created, and the ‘Spiritual Gene Pool’ has been weakened.
While striving to find ‘Truth’, most Spiritual Seekers find only a paradox of ideas that lead them deeper and deeper into doubt.

One down side of our new Information Age is that anyone on a whim can jump from one form of Spiritual study to another, usually never more than scratching the surface of the true nature of the discipline.
While this is great for building a repertoire of books and approaches, it does little for the Spirit; it does little to advance the true goal of Spirituality; elevating the Soul toward a higher State of Being.

Akin to this is the fact that at this point in time there are many authors and spiritual teachers who have been ‘scratching the surface’ for years and are now propagating information that is weak, biased and/or flawed.

The Order of Angelic Knights teaches no ‘Truth’, nor do we attempt to define it.

Rather, we seek to give the Seeker the ability and the tools to find and define their own Truth hidden within themselves.
To this end, we draw on a wide variety of Belief Systems, Religions and Mysticisms striving to discover the fundamental artery that feeds all Truths.

The O.A.K. offers training, guidance and support to those who truly want to attain Growth within their lives, both on the Spiritual and Physical Planes of Existence.

There will come a time when the renewed interest in Spirituality, the Occult and Mysticism will reach a critical mass, and only those who have the Strength, Knowledge, Power and Love within them will be able keep True Magick from fading out of human understanding.

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