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Herd Profile: The Pack
Led by Houssam Chehadi | 99 members

A big family, that protects each other & fool around. This is a private herd.
Herd Rule(S):
Please keep this herd open in a new tab at all times even if you aren't in fact posting here to help us keep up top in the chart."
"Please speak English (Since it's common) so every one understand you & feel welcomed"
"We recommend that you add your photo to the herd, so other members can recognize you, without the need of checking somewhere else."
As for admins:
Do NOT kick or ban any member for a personal reason. Do NOT kick or ban any member for political or religious issue. Do NOT delete any topic for no logical reason. Do NOT Change the herd description, before discussing it with the rest of the herd leaders. Help members Understand the role of this herd. Help members around HP ( Human Pets ) Help members around The Pack .

Thank you for your cooperation.
For new ideas or issue you face here, please e-mail the admins at:
Herd leaders

Houssam Chehadi Houssam Chehadi "My Friend Always" In My Heart...

CULLEN CULLEN "the hero.NFS" <3 Will Aways Be With You <

Bere Bere ...

Nerissa Nerissa "StarFish ღ" Sparkling

Steve Du Bourg Steve Du Bourg "Addictive"

Gone Livin Gone Livin "past self" Bye Hp:] With <3 2 Close Frie

Once here Now GonE Once here Now GonE "because I can" Sparkling

MrLonely MrLonely "ı kill you he h" good bye hp *COZ OF CRISTAL*

Briana Siegrist Briana Siegrist i'm still fly ;)

F R I D A F R I D A "Moje Serce" dreams r over...

MohAMMaD MohAMMaD hmmmmm
Phoenix Phoenix " Not For Sale" Angry