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Herd Profile: 15/5 Quickie
Led by Christine Marie | 46 members

So this is a 15/5 herd..and the rules are the same as everywhere else

1) thumb all posts
2) delete and notify once a person has reached 5 with the link to the herd
3) post 15 of your own spam, it can be anything you want

Also do not delete someone if they have maxed, but if you are maxed, please wait til reset until you post, thanks!

and finally, recruit recruit recruit! the more people in here the faster it will go, and therefore the more points everyone will make
Herd leaders

Christine Marie Christine Marie "Mommy :)" Noahxx Your my world
Unknown Unknown Crazy

Prince of Hell Prince of Hell "Prince" Most Hated

Unknown Unknown ""Tits R US"" upset and lost

Leesa Van Deelen Leesa Van Deelen "PerfectAddiction" Bored

Jasna Jasna "Pequeñita" Sparkling

Unknown Unknown "Oh Shawn" Ferocious

Christopher Christopher Giving PTS away. Contact Me.

Angie Angie "Sweet Voice " I love my baby ♥
shawn shawn Bold

THe LiGHTLiFe THe LiGHTLiFe Carefree

Zilla Zilla "JilZilla" Calm

Morrigan Hedera Morrigan Hedera "The Queen" Thirsty

Tessa Jones Tessa Jones "African Queen" Adored

Leah Leah "~Soul Sister~" Leaving human Pets!!

Mark Goodwin Mark Goodwin "my mark :)" BACK, VERY TEMPORARILY! !!

CYBER AKUMA CYBER AKUMA "No Filter" check my auction

Belfast Babe Belfast Babe " Naughty shop" I love my Owner

Unknown Unknown "x Christine x" Purring

Adriaan Kemp Adriaan Kemp "Tazzy " Sparkling

Morten Morten "My Kind Soul" :)

David Gatt David Gatt "My Desire" Playful

Rhonda M Rhonda M Frisky

Daphne Daphne "°[ DAPHY ]°"

Mel Mel "~ AMAZING ~" Sparkling

R A I N S T E R R A I N S T E R "גשם" I wuv my Meanie Ownie :3

Unknown Unknown Wild

Jeff Gidlund Jeff Gidlund "ღsexy Jღ" Cheeky

Unknown Unknown "Mi Rosita NFS" Sexy

Madi the Dinosaur Madi the Dinosaur "Madi" Hurt
Nord Ljoset Nord Ljoset "Valkyrie" Adventurous

eiki Kiki eiki Kiki "Lollipop Honey" ♥ lier pls away!! ~ ♥

Quantica Spin Quantica Spin "Quantica" Sexy

Foxi Flores Foxi Flores "Miss Foxi" HOT AND HUNGRY

Emily Drexel Emily Drexel ".hxc." Purring

Jujuu Jujuu "jumie" Tender

Irdina Irdina "Jiang Shi" Sparkling

Spomenka Spomenka "Spom" Purring


Aaron James Marinier Aaron James Marinier "cuddler" Content

Sage Ky Sage Ky "Sage" Want uni now!

big J big J "♥Randy Andy♥" smilin

punk rocker punk rocker "Sexin Rocker" Naughty
Harnan Oan Harnan Oan

Richard Willson Richard Willson "Studly PrinceNFS" D I R R T Y 6 9