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Led by Christina V | 32 members

- stuff - A place to unload unwanted items, chat a bit, thumb comments... whatever!
Herd leaders

Christina V Christina V "Kris" Content

Ashley DeVoe Ashley DeVoe "My Mori" Feisty

Unknown Unknown Frisky

Lianne Gallaher Lianne Gallaher Feisty

Leesa Van Deelen Leesa Van Deelen "PerfectAddiction" Bored

Justin Rensby Justin Rensby "J-Boy/Mr Marbles" Frisky

Grebo Grebo "U shall not pass" Black Hearted

Tony Tony Playful

Froy Froy "re-bf'd" Curious

dafni dafni "My Greeky Gal" baby i'm a fool

Stephany aka Blommie Stephany aka Blommie "Lickable Legs" Adventurous

Cindy Cindy "Cindy" Carefree

Annette Watts Annette Watts "My soulmate" Inspired

Leah Leah "~Soul Sister~" Leaving human Pets!!

Chris Chris "My Inked One" Sleepy

Unknown Unknown "Tartarus "

Vestan Pance Vestan Pance "The Mad Hatter " Curious

Liza Liza "Crazy CAT!" Tired

Tommy Tommy "Sweet Sensation" woof!

Kerry Kerry "not for sale"

Willy J H Willy J H Wild

Kevin Honaker Kevin Honaker "RiddleR" Calm

Dragons Pet Dragons Pet "~Dragoness' Pet" Intrigued

Izzy Izzy "PeeFace"

Maria Maria "Mi Reina" :)

funky lisa funky lisa "My ex-kitty" in love with my Owner

Yoni Yoni random

angel angel "Arwyn " Frisky
Sunshine Sunshine "My light" lost in the music

youngblood youngblood Crazy

fallenangel fallenangel "~Sleepy Angel.~" Content