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Thumb Horizon 15/5 | - Free online hangout and friends
Herd Profile: Thumb Horizon 15/5
Led by MarQUiS | 28 members

All are welcome to join. Post 15, thumb all the way to the last person, delete all posts that have reached 5, notify, clear. Simple. You can also post items- from your's, or other people's shops. If you arrive in the herd after someone, please wait until they are finished posting, to post yours... let's keep it neat. I may change this to a 15/10, or 15/15 herd as membership grows, otherwise it goes almost too fast. I will take suggestions, as to what type of herd people would prefer, also. WARNING....Those caught not thumbing and notifying, may be either just warned, or banned. If you are new to herds and HP, or having computer or internet problems, don't panic. That will be taken into consideration. ;)
Herd leaders

MarQUiS MarQUiS Loyal

Edward Lim Edward Lim "DO NOT BUY" Naughty

Unknown Unknown Playful

Christopher Christopher Giving PTS away. Contact Me.

Unknown Unknown "לאידוע"

Sheri Wesley Sheri Wesley "Warrior Princess" Has new tatt pics !!

Emily Madrid Emily Madrid "The Graduate" Loyal

Tessa Jones Tessa Jones "African Queen" Adored

Unknown Unknown "Dazzling" Cheeky

The Mo The Mo "Animal Lover" Playful

Kelly Kirk Kelly Kirk "K nice shop" Playful

Unknown Unknown "bubbles" Playful

Basia-Ramona Christoforou Basia-Ramona Christoforou "Sweetest Angel" My owner is awesome!!!x

Unknown Unknown "~Nicolicious~" loving life

Sue Britt Sue Britt "Cleopatra" Hopeless

David Paul David Paul "~Mine~" Purring

Mel Mel "~ AMAZING ~" Sparkling

Rose Rose "♥TheRose♥" Annoyed
Unknown Unknown "ducky" Playful

Unknown Unknown "Mi Rosita NFS" Sexy

bob bob "Bob" Cheeky

Salinda SIms Salinda SIms "C.I.B." Crazy

Unknown Unknown "The Artist" Sparkling

Dark Flame Dark Flame "...gone cat..." Gone


unknown unknown "unknown" Loyal