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Herd Profile: ~WorD WoRLd~aLL tHumBeD~
Led by Unknown | 18 members

This is a 10/10 herd for everyone to earn points by thumbing one another. Thumb EVERY SINGLE POST as this herd is a ~aLL tHumBeD~ herd. Step 1: Thumb every single post before leaving any comments. Step 2: Notify & clear the person who has reached 10 thumbs. Step 3: Leave 10 posts. Things to post: Type 1 word in every post. The word must start with the ending alphabet from the previous post. It's that simple! Feel free to feedback & suggest if you have ideas to improve this herd. Happy thumbing!! ^^
Herd leaders

Unknown Unknown "FS" Tired*yawn*

Unknown Unknown "★Edwin's 宝" Emo

Riyn Oh Riyn Oh "ღRiynღ" 豆腐 ♥ Bean Curd

Avier Kwek Avier Kwek "Kawaii Avier" Peaceful

Tessa Jones Tessa Jones "African Queen" Adored

Unknown Unknown "Mr Shnugglebunny" Inspired

ngleemin ngleemin "🌈Ping Ping✨" HApPy penguin
Pauline Pauline "Oinks Holdings"

Unknown Unknown "lil Colin ~ " knocked

Greg  Corvus McArthur Greg Corvus McArthur "The Crow " Loyal

Domnique Z Domnique Z Emo

eLif eLif "Angel from afar" Naughty

Unknown Unknown "♥Anita♥" Happy New Year 2009..!!

Unknown Unknown " EvAn" Bold

jasmina Justy jasmina Justy " ~JJ~" Crazy

Unknown Unknown "Likes Em Mashed"

Leona Kaess Lee Leona Kaess Lee "Leona" ☆ T.T ☆

Wasabi Wasabi "Seduced "

Salinda SIms Salinda SIms "C.I.B." Crazy
Jeanne Jeanne Tender

OMAR OMAR "Omar" Playful