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Somewhere distant within the southern reaches of Azurya’s wilderness, the city of Caumucea Auveis lies couched in a verdant valley. From the hills overlooking the settlement it appears as a walled jewel in the sea of tall grasses, its fires burning bright in the dusk. The great lake on its northern side shimmers as an amethyst mirror in the approaching twilight, the Auvean river snakes lazily southward toward Tuh-Nahn. All is quiet but for the rustling of the leaves, the ancient trees surveying the valley below as if they were its protectors.
Suddenly the infant night is torn asunder with a whistling cascade of flames burrowing up into the darkening sky, exploding against the canvas of stars. A cry surges through the lamp-lit streets of the town and the hour of revelry begins anew.

[This is a role playing herd for those who are interested in short-term play or long-term scenarios in a fantasy setting. The setting is a home-made low-magic medieval style based on central European and middle-eastern models.
The Herd Talk board is for out of character talk so feel free to chat and ask questions there. The Herd Discussion board is for role play and each new Topic represents a different location within the setting.
Information for the setting will also have its own Topic in time, detailing the laws and limitations of the scenario, as well as the factions present.
Be warned that themes of an adult nature will be prevalent within play and your discretion in the matter is politely requested.
Judging by the last play through the whole scenario it will be dark, twisted and ultimately very violent in parts. So let your minds run wild with the most audacious stories you can think of!
Hope this Herd is enjoyed thoroughly by you all!]
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