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Led by loxxy | 16 members

50/5 - PLEASE COME AND JOIN IN THE FUN, EVERYONE'S WELCOME! The Simple Steps to Success! 1 - When you arrive, post a comment to say thumbing and posting (t/p) this reserves your place if there is a queue and also ensures nobody jumps in front of you if they arrive after you. 2 - Working from the FRONT TO THE BACK, thumb ALL comments from the first page until the end of the herd, PLEASE BE CAREFUL! 3 - Delete and notify anyone who has reached 5 thumbs or anyone who is maxed (if someone is maxed, but you think people are thumbing further back in the herd, please don't delete as they could cause others to miss thumbs, sometimes even entire pages). 4 - Post your REMAINING 49 comments so long as no one else is already posting and please leave a note of who you have notified and deleted and who you have put in the 4's. 5 - Now just sit back in the knowledge of a job well done and await notification that you can return, please don't thumb again until you are able to post, but pop back and check by all means in case you haven't been notified. My aim is to make this herd as simple as possible, I hope that everything is clear if not please contact me. Thank you for joining in the fun :)

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