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Led by linda seeto | 406 members

My own private thumbing herds to maintain pets expensive taste
Herd leaders

linda seeto linda seeto "Meow Meow Piggie" Cheeky

Amanda Amanda Loving

Becki Hoffman Becki Hoffman "Justine's Pet" Rabid

Phill Phill Peaceful

aH Aww aH Aww "公主小妹♥"

Maurice H Rich Maurice H Rich "Master Mojo" Carefree

Emily the Edible Embezzler Emily the Edible Embezzler "Cookie Lover" Craving Cookies!

Incognito Incognito "My Squirrly Man " Uncertain

Bow BouBoe Bow BouBoe "tooth fairy"

Scarlet Sunshine Scarlet Sunshine Sparkling

Ping Lee Ping Lee "Bunjou~love~" Playful

Edward Lim Edward Lim "DO NOT BUY" Naughty

Unknown Unknown "Temptress" Injured

Leesa Van Deelen Leesa Van Deelen "PerfectAddiction" Bored

Unknown Unknown "レイ都営" humming to old melodies

Rene Cumpson-MacDonald Rene Cumpson-MacDonald "My Moonlight" Content

Nancy Tjia Nancy Tjia !

Ginggarn Ginggarn "StunninG!" Sparkling

Unknown Unknown "Oh Shawn" Ferocious

Matt Matt "Old Aussie Frnd" O canada O canada

Jonesy Jonesy "JJ" Sleepy

Luna Luna "radiance" looking for paradise o_O

Wayne Nauss Wayne Nauss "1 Hot Ride"

Christopher Christopher Giving PTS away. Contact Me.

Ludwig Vorndran Ludwig Vorndran "Mine" Purring

Ehab Raafat Ehab Raafat "My Sunshine" Tired

Bodil Bodil "Betty Boop" Hurt

A-U A-U "My naughty Fairy" bye for now everyone!

Unknown Unknown "Q'waii Dan" Adored
taotao taotao "Taotao" Anxious, eager to please!

jonathan fang jonathan fang "BlueEyedBoy" Courageous

Neil Neil "kroliczek" Inspired

hd88 hd88 "^^" Sleepy

Cash Unknown Cash Unknown "My Dear♥" Death Note L


Mostafa Kassem Mostafa Kassem Loving

Unknown Unknown "לאידוע"

Aristos Aristodemou Aristos Aristodemou "The Pom" Cheeky

MANDA MANDA "Dada爱爱♥" blissful.... ..or am i not?

Gerg Gerg "SexyMrJ" naughty

Sylvain Rodrigue Sylvain Rodrigue "Sylvain"

_Naomi_ _Naomi_ "Bambi" Content

Are Are Hungry

Miss Becca Miss Becca purrs

Dotz Soh Dotz Soh "Jelly's Dotz!" ditzy dOtzie

Simon Charlton Simon Charlton "smells like vag." Content

666 666 "666. SL" Ferocious

Jeff Jones Jeff Jones "My "Spiridon"" In SA and lovin' it!!

Sheri Wesley Sheri Wesley "Warrior Princess" Has new tatt pics !!

abby chong abby chong "♥ abby" Playful

Froy Froy "re-bf'd" Curious

THe LiGHTLiFe THe LiGHTLiFe Carefree

Alex Napleton Alex Napleton "Soul mate" can't believe how good life is!

Unknown Unknown "My Janelle" SHY*~*~*~*

Samir Samir "Samir-Acle"

Landon Cullen Landon Cullen "♥ donzi" tubby

Zilla Zilla "JilZilla" Calm

Dapple Pony Dapple Pony "Naughty Pleasure" likely to change

Leah Leah "Myprincess peach" is madly in love

Jaczilla O4 Jaczilla O4 "SIR" *keelhaulin` *

Riyn Oh Riyn Oh "ღRiynღ" 豆腐 ♥ Bean Curd

Davy Jones Davy Jones "Jones" will not be back~

Avier Kwek Avier Kwek "Kawaii Avier" Peaceful

Unknown Unknown "LadyLace" Bold

Unknown Unknown "My red head"

Layne Cotterill Layne Cotterill "layno" Rabid

Meeeeeeeeeeeellllll Meeeeeeeeeeeellllll "(*^一゜)b" Confused

Ronnie Ronnie "Ronnie"

Sharron Diamond Sharron Diamond "Gold" hot

Unknown Unknown "lol" Lonely

Dia Dia "D D"

Jerry Chan Jerry Chan "吐舌的Jerry" Cynical

Ah Ben Ah Ben "大宝饭盒" Tired

ARZU ARZU "..." Calm

Marco Guzman Marco Guzman "Hombre duro" Crazy

Marika Marika "M1" Lonely

Edii Kuro Edii Kuro "Okami" Loyal

Rachelle Bentley Rachelle Bentley "Raven" Purring

Hiccup Hiccup "STEALTH" Cheeky

Tessa Jones Tessa Jones "African Queen" Adored

Jewels Jewels I am out

Michael J Michael J "Mr. Majestic MJ " Feisty

Unknown Unknown "Tsela'" Bold

Tristan M Jackson Tristan M Jackson Loves being a chat troll! o.O

SEIKA SEIKA "ღglissaღ" Tender

Jonny Jonny "Grimlin" Panicky

Unknown Unknown "Mio Matthieu"

Jason Richard Ventura Jason Richard Ventura "luffly dragon"

Dancing Potato_Ms TT Dancing Potato_Ms TT "PiggY T.T DragoN"

Chahaha Chahaha "lonely bear :-(" Mr Lonely

Unknown Unknown "♥James" Loyal

Stephan Adriaens Stephan Adriaens "my teaser" Tired

Martin Crockett Martin Crockett "" chillen :)

Susan Olynick Susan Olynick "Aethelflaed" Playful

Tony H Tony H "Love my Tony" Naughty

Unknown Unknown "AppleSauce" Playful

Eddie Zanbaka Eddie Zanbaka "Passion's Fire" Inspired

Mike Haswell Mike Haswell "Moreish Mike" ......

Sable Beckinsdales Sable Beckinsdales "NFS Sassy Sable" Serene

The Mo The Mo "Animal Lover" Playful

Cow made of Awesome Cow made of Awesome Oi..

Lauren Lauren rawr! :)

Cricket Cricket "Sweetest Taboo" Loyal

Annette Watts Annette Watts "My soulmate" Inspired

Melissa Melissa "Heart Collector"
Unknown Unknown "~Phantalicious~" Festive

CK CK "♥SiowTaoQi"

Elena Elena "Tempeloula :)" Lazy

Unknown Unknown "Leen's Panda" Gloomy
Unknown Unknown Naughty

Cheryl Cheryl "Our Missed Pet" Playful

xxGinaxx xxGinaxx "Mwa xXx" Carefree

raven raven "The Crow NFS"

Mete Mete "Trumper" Playful

kam sa kam sa "Silly moo moo♥" Adored

Kirsten Kirsten "Inkbits" Holding the Key..

Leah Leah "~Soul Sister~" Leaving human Pets!!

Deon Stoltz Deon Stoltz "DEON" Freaked out

Darien Baez Darien Baez GONE FOR GOOD... BYE!

Leenie Leenie "★pretty leenie" Sparkling

Mark Goodwin Mark Goodwin "my mark :)" BACK, VERY TEMPORARILY! !!

K2rly K2rly Cheeky

Yvonne Yvonne "dotz pRinCess" Loving

ngleemin ngleemin "🌈Ping Ping✨" HApPy penguin

Kel'z in da houz Kel'z in da houz "Hubby♥" lOvE mY oWniE!!!!!!

Xavier Xian Xavier Xian "xian弟弟♥" Carefree

Chan Hassell Chan Hassell "stunning" Sparkling

Soap Soap "ni's dimple❤"

Unknown Unknown "Sexy Susie" Frisky

Shauna Elizabeth Katherine Crane Shauna Elizabeth Katherine Crane "Westcoast Beauty" Mellow

whatever whatever
____________ ____________ Visit My Shop :)

Belfast Babe Belfast Babe " Naughty shop" I love my Owner
Little Lotta Little Lotta "old me 7yrs ago" xox

Ben Gazelka Ben Gazelka In the Dark Waiting 4 the Light

Adriaan Kemp Adriaan Kemp "Tazzy " Sparkling

SamSam SamSam Please Do not Buy Me Y(^^,)Y

Greg Fenty Greg Fenty "Sara Fentys " Playful

Nina Wookey Nina Wookey "Nina "

JJG JJG "Mi Tesoro"

Lindsay Lindsay "Linds NFS" Frisky

Tara Leigh Angel Tara Leigh Angel "Angelic Tara" dreamy and happy

Unknown Unknown "~Nicolicious~" loving life

Mike Michael Mike Michael "Miky"

Sue Britt Sue Britt "Cleopatra" Hopeless

Adaniina Juola Adaniina Juola "♥ Adaniina ♥" saying goodbye!!!

Unknown Unknown "Sammy" Cheeky

Mustang Sally Mustang Sally "Randy Smurf" Curious

Grg C Grg C "Hipster Greg" Cheeky

Coffeebeans Coffeebeans "BIG Beans" Leaving HP :(
Mystery Mystery "Number 1" Loving

Zoe Zoe Playful

Unknown Unknown "mine don't touc" Sparkling

megan megan Content

Jen Jen "Miss Behaving" Naughty
Hassan Hassan "MyLove" Frisky

Sheralee Basson Sheralee Basson "Sheralee" Adventurous

Serlina Koh Serlina Koh "Lollipop Nana"

David Paul David Paul "~Mine~" Purring

Naughty Sabrina Naughty Sabrina "Dear Dear" Naughty

Unknown Unknown "Ma Cherie" Calm

Tommy Tommy Frisky

Unknown Unknown "♥my jamie♥" happy

Gary Gary "Mr. Kangaroooo"

Tia Tamar Tia Tamar "T T"

Scott Scott Wild

Tyger Tyger "Grrrrrrrrrreattt" Uncertain

Lynette Lynette "My secret love" Cheeky

Ipek Ipek "Ipek" Frisky

Ultimate Sasq Ultimate Sasq "Sasq" Join my HERD - Altr'd Realm

Rachel Rachel "Just me 🌈🙃" Sparkling

Greg  Corvus McArthur Greg Corvus McArthur "The Crow " Loyal

Unknown Unknown "my sweet pet" Inspired

Elizabeth Bathory Elizabeth Bathory "Queen Bathory" Valse to Insanity

Unknown Unknown "Smooth Stu" Feisty

Roy Roy "My Roy Toy :P" Naughty & Awesome!!!

Michael A Ovenden Michael A Ovenden "King Of Smiles" Taking A Break From HP

Gone Livin Gone Livin "past self" Bye Hp:] With <3 2 Close Frie


David Gatt David Gatt "My Desire" Playful

Sarah Sarah Trusting

Unknown Unknown "Jiahe" Wild

YDNAR YDNAR "Captain Randy" Carefree

Samual Recardo Samual Recardo "My Prodigal Pet" Knows He's Lucky!

Juan Juan "babii jp" Lazy

Jennifer Chappell Jennifer Chappell "JenJen" Sleepy

Ant Lee Ant Lee "~蚂蚁~" I Love 2371186

Yasmin Yasmin "FREE WIFI" Selling Points 6.5 MIL for $40

Unknown Unknown "A small dog" Sparkling

Chirp Chirp "Samar Dev" Lazy

Unknown Unknown "Bad Boy"

Vanita Vanita "Hot Stuff" Adored

Heather Heather "Kitten" Hopeless

Mario Ong Mario Ong "★grandpario★" ღLovingღ

Mel Mel "~ AMAZING ~" Sparkling

Tired Tired "Happy" Carefree

iffka iffka "Little Naughty" i dont do valentine!

R A I N S T E R R A I N S T E R "גשם" I wuv my Meanie Ownie :3

tyler t tyler t "Water Baby" Sparkling

Patrick Wong Patrick Wong "vOnღPatriCk"

Derek Smith Derek Smith "derek" Wild

Unknown Unknown "♥Anita♥" Happy New Year 2009..!!

Murat DAYICIK Murat DAYICIK "precious"

Divine Divine "Boertjie" Playful

Bailey Bailey "iBailey" needs membership

Unknown Unknown Playful

Chris Chris "chris" Adventurous

Once here Now GonE Once here Now GonE "because I can" Sparkling

Rose Rose "♥TheRose♥" Annoyed

Jose aka Victory By Default Jose aka Victory By Default "Butt" Cheeky

Shaz Davis Shaz Davis "Unbelivable" Naughty

Liesl Liesl living my dream

Ciara Downs Ciara Downs "My Ciara" soooo tired

jasmina Justy jasmina Justy " ~JJ~" Crazy

GIZMO GIZMO "Tinks Man..x" is feeling a bit all right

Craig Craig "Sourires Cachés" ~

Tiny Storm Tiny Storm "My Shikira" Purring

Nate Nate "Angelous" Always at Work... :(

Unknown Unknown Purring

Ian Richmond Ian Richmond "my man" Adored

Tim P Tim P "Catnip"

Bojan Bojan "forgotten!" Crazy
Julie Julie "Wild" Peaceful

Jeff Gidlund Jeff Gidlund "ღsexy Jღ" Cheeky

Evan Martin Evan Martin "Wayward pet " a little bit naughty

Euphy Yup Euphy Yup "dotz fave" Tired

sandy t sandy t "Sandy T" Inspired

Haitham Haitham "~Haitham~" Loyal

Richard Dmyterko Rick Matthews Richard Dmyterko Rick Matthews "☆Inked☆" Wild

Pam Dare Pam Dare "Wilde Croc Tamer" Sparkling

Andy Alexander Andy Alexander "Adorable fluff" Cheeky

Deon J De Necker Deon J De Necker "~InCrEdIbLe HuNk" Bold

Zachary Chua Zachary Chua "你的唯一" Uncertain

Unknown Unknown "Porter's!" Frisky

Sean Sean "mon meilleur ami" Playful

Unknown Unknown "Mi Rosita NFS" Sexy

Unknown Unknown "Kissable" Seductive

Al  Al Loyal

Stewart St John Stewart St John "Papa Gangsta ღ" I BELIEVE I CAN FLY!!

Wenli Wenli "st's fling *2" Gloomy

bubba bubba Loving

Sammy Sammy "demon's" happy happy happy..!!!

Unknown Unknown "Likes Em Mashed"

Casanova Casanova "♥~ Sexay ~♥" Adventurous

Tsvety Tsvety "Pinky" Sparkling

Andrew Clements Andrew Clements "Mr. Binky-NFS" Adventurous

Unknown Unknown "my funky pet" (* '_`*) Taking a break.. sorry

Crystal Gause-Hively Crystal Gause-Hively goodbye all of HP friends

Samantha Samantha relaxed

Difa Difa "scnubbly" ♥A.W.E.S.O .M.E♥

bob bob "Bob" Cheeky

Leona Kaess Lee Leona Kaess Lee "Leona" ☆ T.T ☆

Trevor Parham Trevor Parham "Boooooo my Ninja"

Unknown Unknown "我家老爺" Loyal

Maritha Nortje Maritha Nortje "Wilde Angel " Playful

THOR THOR "OWNED" stir~crazy

David Shadwick David Shadwick "David"

-Rapunzel aiYa- -Rapunzel aiYa- "Aiya Aiya Aiyaya"
Unknown Unknown

Jaycee Leigh Jaycee Leigh "My PerhapS♥" Ƀ♥Ⱦçh

Ivanna Ivanna "Princesa" Adventurous
stuart begg stuart begg "caths pet"

Unknown Unknown "Royal♥Mark" Tired

Matthew Matthew "My matt♥" Hungry

Cem Akar Cem Akar "busy bird" Content

Unknown Unknown "Ben-Bear " Can't Hide My Monster Side

mumma katz mumma katz "Mumma Katz-NFS" Purring

Wasabi Wasabi "Seduced "

AgNiEsZkA AgNiEsZkA "Beauty"

eiki Kiki eiki Kiki "Lollipop Honey" ♥ lier pls away!! ~ ♥

Brandi Brandi "My Amazing Lady"

Just me Just me "Shining Star ❤" shining

Lily St John Lily St John "Mama Gangsta" Curious

zane zane "✖ZaNe✖ " Cheeky

Foxi Flores Foxi Flores "Miss Foxi" HOT AND HUNGRY

Unknown Unknown "1 & only ♥" Hyperventila ting

Salinda SIms Salinda SIms "C.I.B." Crazy

Mel Mel "Melly" Ferocious

Alina Alina " ♥Wifey♥" Sparkling

Unknown Unknown "Green Man" Serene

Special K Special K "Hmmmmm" Cheeky.

Unknown Unknown "USMC County boy"

Cat Samma Cat Samma "broken arrow" ~luvin my master~

Ines Ines "lost pet" Crazy

Naughty Wind Naughty Wind " nawty boy" Naughty

Brandon Weigand Brandon Weigand Playful

Angel Angel "Please Buy Me" Mike's touch of Heaven

Jo Jo woz 'ere Jo Jo woz 'ere "Invisi-Kitty" Jo Jo woz 'ere

Marina Marina Tender

Beth Beth "♥ Beth ♥ " Pets always come home :)

James 007 James 007 "Globe-Trotteur"
Neats Neats "best mate eva" Adored

r u u r u u "Mysterious" Ü

Grai Grai "Mz Gracie" Serene

Dannii Anne Dannii Anne "Dannii" I LOve My OwniE, RS!!

Goddess Goddess "Mine" Intrigued

nAz nAz "Safe" ...

SpirituaL GirL SpirituaL GirL "Precious" Seductive

unknown unknown "Missed" ღღ

Jujuu Jujuu "jumie" Tender

Irdina Irdina "Jiang Shi" Sparkling

Wizard of Oss Wizard of Oss "Shere Khan" Courageous

DeL's SuNsHiNe DeL's SuNsHiNe "My Wife! *nfs*" Abused
HoMOgIRL HoMOgIRL "Dreamgurl" Carefree

Void Infinitum Void Infinitum "a gentle soul"

Wayne Butterfield Wayne Butterfield "♥Brit Babe♥" Sex On Fire

Sonia Sonia "Angel Eyes" Sad

Rina AZ Rina AZ "my rina" Tender

Androo Androo "mai princeღ" Ciao mi amigas y amigos

Dark Flame Dark Flame "...gone cat..." Gone

Lesley T Lesley T ..

Nicole A Nicole A Wild

Linda Wong Linda Wong "ღLindaღ" Curious

Kenny G Kenny G Adventurous

Denis Denis "Vampyre PrinceNS" The Caine..

Stevie Stevie " Stevie" Content

Cleo Cleo Intrigued

Cheng Siu Cheng Siu "ღMy Baby" I'm a dragon

samantha garza samantha garza "PLAYFUL CAT" Sparkling

Aish Ashraff Aish Ashraff "Can't seehishp!" Sleepy

SquiDx Tan SquiDx Tan "bAbysQuidz <3" Sparkling

Fairy Fairy "fairylust" Sensual

bolko bolko "My Bolko" Curious

Smiling Buddha Smiling Buddha "New Owner pls" Calm

WendyWENDY -NFS WendyWENDY -NFS "♥piggyQ~ღ"
LoVabLe LoVabLe "angel's starღ" what am i to do with me?

Laura Laura "Luscious One NFS" Calm

Sherrine Lee Sherrine Lee "T's sherry" Playful

Steve Nicholas Steve Nicholas "Blackjack" Frisky

tara angel tara angel "Celestial" Serene

Frankie Lee Frankie Lee "William Wallace" Bold

Lulu Lulu ".Bad Romance." Exhausted

Melissa Hamilton Melissa Hamilton "MySweet OlivSkin" turkeyed out
Aly Evans Aly Evans "Fake Aly" Surprised

Priscillia Priscillia "❤Priscillia❤" ~Lalala~



Amber Larson Amber Larson

Edge Edge "Kahu" Wild

Sage Ky Sage Ky "Sage" Want uni now!

Felix Felix "Night's Son" smiled for you :)
Wan Ting Wan Ting "ღWanTingღ" Loyal

Jessica Jessica "ANGEL" Happy

Leon Ye Leon Ye "IrisieLeo" Daring

big J big J "♥Randy Andy♥" smilin

Elvis Luck Elvis Luck "The King" Playful

Tiny Cutler Tiny Cutler Seductive

fallenangel fallenangel "~Sleepy Angel.~" Content
Harnan Oan Harnan Oan

Nadja Nadja "Sweetness" Tender

Trish Johnson Trish Johnson "Artiste" Adventurous

Clivey Bear Clivey Bear "~Mr Bear~" ~Loving Ma Meme very Much~

Bree Spiese Bree Spiese "Baby Bree ;)" Come Closer . .

captain jack captain jack "Piratezu" Sexy
Peter Michael Peter Michael

Arron Steele Arron Steele Feisty

Jan Jan "The SweetHeart" Sparkling

Richard Willson Richard Willson "Studly PrinceNFS" D I R R T Y 6 9

LEESE LEESE "missed" Sparkling

charisheepie charisheepie "sexy meh" Sparkling

Pikachu Pikachu "♥Pika of Tofu" Playful

cRoW cRoW "DARK WING" Crazy
Gone Gone Sparkling

Brian Crosby aka Davy Jones Brian Crosby aka Davy Jones "My Forever Love" lovin my baby

Moon Goddess Moon Goddess ♥Loving Sun King♥

big J big J "Cagey J" Calm

Marla Singer Marla Singer Trusting

Only Us Only Us 1st week of April - OMG YAY!!
Sophi Airine Sophi Airine "Pacific Princess" Curious

Joseph Blier Joseph Blier "*Sins Hottie*" Playful

umit umit "who?" Naughty
Ross Stirling Ross Stirling "Roscoe" Seductive

Dan West Dan West "Sonic" Daring

Chang Lee Chang Lee "Princess Lover" Content
Sheila E Sheila E leaving HP

Chadmeister Chadmeister "8th deadly sin" Up to Mischief

Elisabeth Bathory Elisabeth Bathory "namelos" Shut up and Kiss Me!

Prince Of Darkness Prince Of Darkness "Eye Candy" Naughty

Jewels Jewels "R U Still Here?" Goodbye my real friends! xox

LJ Ziervogel LJ Ziervogel Playful

mandylee mandylee

Kristin Kristin "Vegas Buddy"
Mark Goodwin Mark Goodwin "Missing friend"

had enough had enough fuk this sh't

David Egan David Egan "Eagle Spirit" Adventurous