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Welcome to Thumbaholics 30/9! PLEASE READ ALL RULES AND ANNOUNCEMENTS BEFORE POSTING! Here are the rules: (Wait for admin before posting) 1) THUMB ALL PAGES AND ALL THUMBS! 2) Post 30 comments (One set). 3) Posts with 9 thumbs are MAXED OUT. 4) Delete all maxed out sets. Nothing should be over 9 thumbs. 5) Wait for 2 people to post before you can post another set. 6) On your 30th comment please Cleared & Notified (C/N) - Notify anyone that you have cleared with maxed thumbs that they are able to post again along with the herd link. Also include who is in the 8's in your signout. 8) MINGLE & HAVE FUN!

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Myspace Layouts at / Drunk As I Am

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loxxy loxxy "Foxy Loxxy"

Unknown Unknown Ecstatic

Unknown Unknown "sex slave" Naughty

Maurice H Rich Maurice H Rich "Master Mojo" Carefree

Miss Mj Miss Mj "yeeeahbabyl" Sparkling

Pete McDonald Pete McDonald "My Sexy Pete :) " In London

Cat Cat "Wildcat" Purring

Elizabeth Elizabeth "My Baby Doll~" Adored

Unknown Unknown "Rugrat" Wild

Youngbear Youngbear "My bear :)"

Unknown Unknown "Diesel4X4" Ecstatic

Dario Figueiredo Dario Figueiredo "Reverb" Frisky

Unknown Unknown "Powerpuff!!" Feisty

Unknown Unknown "Scottie" Frisky

Dwight Wallace Dwight Wallace Content

Tara Leigh Angel Tara Leigh Angel "Angelic Tara" dreamy and happy

Raven Ice Raven Ice "Prince Raven" Courageous

Chris Chris "chris" Adventurous

Chaxy Chaxy

Unknown Unknown "SultryGirl (NFS)" Ecstatic

Verstorbene auf Ankunft Verstorbene auf Ankunft " Psycho" psycho

andy goldthorpe andy goldthorpe "..NFS..Charmer.." Loving

Asia Asia "Loxxy's BFF" Cheeky

Unknown Unknown "love of my life" Playful

Unknown Unknown Happy and Content

Unknown Unknown "nigel" Sexy

MoonDoggie NFS MoonDoggie NFS "ღNFS" Trusting

Machiavelli Machiavelli "Misu" Bold

Merrill Lee Merrill Lee "Loxxy's Gal" Rejuvinated

Laura Laura "Luscious One NFS" Calm

April Culbertson April Culbertson "His Pet" Naughty

tara angel tara angel "Celestial" Serene

jonjon jonjon "Tucky's" Naughty