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post 5 comms; thumb to 15 ... notify the next person who needs to thumb... delete the comms that have 15 thumbs... simple...
Herd leaders

Cain Cain "★Cain★" Just "V"

Christopher Christopher Giving PTS away. Contact Me.

The Mo The Mo "Animal Lover" Playful

Melissa Melissa "Heart Collector"

Michelle Michelle "NFSRegent Niamh"

MzTaffyApple MzTaffyApple "מאיה" Inspired

Sue Britt Sue Britt "Cleopatra" Hopeless

Unknown Unknown "§çãrÿßëår" Laterz

David Paul David Paul "~Mine~" Purring

Tommy Tommy Frisky

Lian Lax Lian Lax

Unknown Unknown "A small dog" Sparkling

jasmina Justy jasmina Justy " ~JJ~" Crazy

Lara Richardson Lara Richardson "Angeni " Content
Unknown Unknown "Heavenly Haven" Calm
Gabriel De La Reyes Gabriel De La Reyes "My Little Prince" Cheeky

Rach Robello Rach Robello "~My King~ NFSE~" Naughty

Kelly Kelly "♥ FAIRY FLOSS" Don't buy me ....

Dark Flame Dark Flame "...gone cat..." Gone
Brenda Ann Brenda Ann Purring