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Just the same as every one ppl. I'm not fussy ppl..just as long as the job gets done...not like other herds where there down yer throat if yo udo it different... Thumb to 10,clear and notiify Post your 15 comments You can come back and post if there are two ppl between yer posts Everyone is admin, so please letstryand keep this herd moving. Easy points! Had to change again to keep herd moving
Herd leaders

Unknown Unknown "Bad Boy"

Unknown Unknown "LadyLace" Bold
Lois Lois "~善良的Lois~" Uncertain

Chui Lian Chui Lian "מיס פיגי" Inspired

Rune Slyngstad Rune Slyngstad

Unknown Unknown "Gorgeous" Sparkling

Unknown Unknown "missing :(" Playful

Cinderella Cinderella "Moon Godd@ss nfs" I have been a bad HP player

Martin Martin

tammi steadman tammi steadman "Paul's Pet" Serene

Ray Ray Ray Ray "Ray :)" Calm

Unknown Unknown "Gloucester CO." Loyal

Tim Smith Tim Smith "Timmilingus"

Patrick Everett Patrick Everett

Grai Grai "Mz Gracie" Serene
Alvin Suarez Alvin Suarez "★ Alvin ★" Curious

Southern Belle Southern Belle "My Caeli"

Angel Angel "Sweet Angel" Sparkling