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Herd Profile: Jo's 15/10 Thumbs
Led by JoJo | 41 members

This is a herd set up for us all to earn points,
Should be a quick turn around herd with everyone
doing 15 posts and then thumbing back to 10.
Make friends, have fun, and hopefully earn lots of points.
Herd leaders

JoJo JoJo Emo

Unknown Unknown "Zook♥" Carefree

Darren Zee Darren Zee "Dragon Lord" Always open to suggestions

Prince of Hell Prince of Hell "Prince" Most Hated

Ted Ted "Tiger Ted" Lovin' Life

Luna Luna "radiance" looking for paradise o_O
Unknown Unknown "Sweet Thang" Sparkling

Ludwig Vorndran Ludwig Vorndran "Mine" Purring

Charlotte Charlotte "Lovely Lottie" Cheeky

majed majed "Heart of a Lion" Hungry

Unknown Unknown "Horney lil devil" HORNEY

David Brown David Brown "♥ Missed :(" Carefree

Sherri Philpot Sherri Philpot "★SherriLynn★" Calm

Unknown Unknown "Kiddo~" Evasive
Corey Corey

julie lyle julie lyle "me julie" mellow

Mark Chalkley Mark Chalkley "Marky Mark" Playful

Tommy Tommy Frisky

Unknown Unknown "Smooth Stu" Feisty

Ryan Bridges Ryan Bridges "pReTtY" Daring

Damo Damo Ecstatic

Mel Mel "~ AMAZING ~" Sparkling

Cinderella Cinderella "Moon Godd@ss nfs" I have been a bad HP player

Cassie Allwood Cassie Allwood "Reds" Peaceful

MODY VamPirE MODY VamPirE "Old Friend" Left HP

Giorgos Manikas Giorgos Manikas Ecstatic

Unknown Unknown "Sexy T" Playful

Unknown Unknown "tasty mum" Trusting

Beth Beth "♥ Beth ♥ " Pets always come home :)

Daemon Daemon One bite won't hurt....much !

dustin taylor dustin taylor juggalo

Desmond Wong Desmond Wong "BB lover" Wild