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Herd Profile: EGYPT 5/15
Led by Ahmed Fathey | 32 members


THIS IS A 5/15 herd. Post 5 comments then thumb all =)

******************** RULES *******************

1. Post 5 comments

2. the last post let it be an item from your shop as an Announcement

3. Thumb ALL posts till the last page

4. Notify members who reached 15 and delete their posts

5. You dont have to thumb if that member reaches 15

6. Post only after the person infront of u has posted. Lets keep the herd clean and tidy!

7. Delete ALL Maxed posts!

The Ultimate RULE: ONLY post after the person infront of u has posted..
SHould the two of u posted at the same time, the person whose post comes 2nd will have to delete his/her post and re-post again!

Remember, if you want to earn points fast - INVITE PEOPLE TO JOIN ! =)

Lets have fun and enjoy the points... =)

Herd leaders

Ahmed Fathey Ahmed Fathey "Ahmed" Tired

Unknown Unknown

Dee Dee "My Angelღ" Cheeky

BLACK_SWAN BLACK_SWAN "~Jeni's Girl~" Carefree

Jonesy Jonesy "JJ" Sleepy

aLe aLe miauuu =^.^=

Unknown Unknown "♥MyDarling Can" Inspired

Unknown Unknown "My Janelle" SHY*~*~*~*

Unknown Unknown "LadyLace" Bold

Tammy Tammy "pheonix" ~幸せ ~

Unknown Unknown "Flawless" Peaceful

Unknown Unknown ".:: M.C ::." Rabid

Dorothy Thomas Dorothy Thomas "'Ma'lady'" Ferocious

Unknown Unknown "CutiePie" Uncertain

Justynka Justynka Wild

Rick Rick Festive

Unknown Unknown "Coruptabelle" Happy :)

robyn robyn "~princess mumsy~" Serene

Unknown Unknown "Freedom is Power" Seraphim High Command
Unknown Unknown

Wenli Wenli "st's fling *2" Gloomy

Unknown Unknown "adelinepetsitter" Loyal

Jerilyn Chan Jerilyn Chan "祖儿" Calm

Unknown Unknown "Gloucester CO." Loyal

Victoria Faeren Victoria Faeren "Sweet vixen" Purring

Candi Candi "Candi" OWNED <3

Brandon Weigand Brandon Weigand Playful

Dannii Anne Dannii Anne "Dannii" I LOve My OwniE, RS!!

Ava Dania Ava Dania "fareed's fairy" Adored

Angel Fire Angel Fire Seductive

J e n f e r J e n f e r Wild

Natasha Natasha "My Tasha" Loyal

CC  DeVille CC DeVille "Millie Coaf" Tender

Rina AZ Rina AZ "my rina" Tender