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This is a herd for all friendly, loving people who loves to make points. It is just like a swarm herd. you post 5 and delete at 10 you start again everyone in this herd will be made a herd leader so they can delete once someone hits 50 thumbs. If you would like to join please just request and someone will let you in asap. Thanks. If all work together this will work. Please invite all your friends to make this work. PLEASE BE PATIENT FOR NOW UNTIL WE GET THIS ON TRACK
Herd leaders

Unknown Unknown Playful

Unknown Unknown "Marit is Cindy'" relaxed

Sue Sue "Once Upon Me" Sad

Chui Lian Chui Lian "מיס פיגי" Inspired

Unknown Unknown "Pig-gu!" Sparkling

Lourika Lourika "Luscious Lourika" Tender

P u i P u i "♪ hachimitsu ~" Petulant

Unknown Unknown "Drëamer." Lonely

Unknown Unknown "Smile4Me!" Content

Unknown Unknown "Sharky" Peaceful

Unknown Unknown "Louise" Sexy

Lie_Lie Lie_Lie "♥ loveLie ♥" Sparkling
Unknown Unknown "Sexy lady N4S" Peaceful

Unknown Unknown "Ollie" Purring

Unknown Unknown "yum-yum" Naughty

Unknown Unknown "Erotic tale tell" Tender

Unknown Unknown "Angel" ♥♥seduct ive♥♥

Dave Blade Dave Blade "hero" Naughty