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Herd Profile: The Hurricane
Led by Rowan Milne | 18 members

Welcome to...

The Hurricane!!

The Hurricane's design has recently changed to be a two herds-in-one. You shouldn't need to even get out of The Hurricane if you don't want to.

Please be sure to read the rules and let us know about any doubt you are left with.

New rules can be added if they're needed so please be sure to always check for new announcements.

There are two different spams: there's one going on in the Herd Talk and another one going on in Topics.

You can join the spam section you like the most or join both of them, The Hurricane is about getting the most points after all.

There is a Chat Topic, so feel free to drop by and join anyone posting there =).

Please visit our companion herds: The Flock and Fast 4000.
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Herd leaders

Rowan Milne Rowan Milne "Rockin Ro" ~Awesomely Rad~

Maya Papaya Maya Papaya "MyFairyQueen NFS" Constant thought.... smiles...