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Pretty much ... im often online and im bad at chasing ppl i know to talk with them, etc ... so... when u bored, just drop by and talk to me lol or to each other... try to respect others cos well u know i ll take care of your ass if u dont :-P and not in a kinky way :-P
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0100011001010101 0100011001010101 "1001011010101000"

Unknown Abomination Unknown Abomination "MYNE Bl├║dNuit " Feisty

Crissy Llora Crissy Llora "Her Dudeness" yeah

Mala Mala "Malo morgen"

Kat Kat "Lil~Sin" *in tearz*
Vanessa Bloodstain Vanessa Bloodstain "sorely missed" loves her owner to DEATH!<3