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A heard for the God and Goddess in each of us. As you join, please choose a god or goddess you wish to be associated with. BRIGITTE - BASTET....Protectress / DAN - LOKI... God of Humor and mischief / IREM - MINERVA....Poetess / JULES - and connection / GREG - NOT ALMIGHTY:-( / DIANA - NERTHUS.... Earth Goddess / EVE- APHRODITE... goddess of femininity / KIETH - RA.... God of the sun.creator / TIE - ANATH... Phoenician goddess of love and war, duality / NATHAN - ANUBIS....Guardian of the Veil / ANDREA-ISIS....Creator wife of osiris / KELLY - PERSEPHONE... Goddess of Earth and Underworld / KIA - SIANHATHORIYUNET... after the Goddess Hathor, the name means "I exist because I am perceived by Hathor"
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