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Herd Profile: Shopping Swarm 1o/15
Led by Carine Tan | 35 members

The Shopping guide :- 1) Post 10 shop items or any 10 comments 2) Thumb all post 3) Delete and message the members that have hit 15 thumbs 4) When someone message to post again, repeat the above :D
Herd leaders

Carine Tan Carine Tan "Strawberry Girl " ♥·´` ·.¸ .♥

Deana Deana "deana"

Unknown Unknown "Joey"

James James "CYBER DILDO"

Lucy Lucy "lingling" Ecstatic
Unknown Unknown "Blur queen" Crazy
GreenBubbles GreenBubbles "Sweet Treats" Loyal

JoJo Chow JoJo Chow "JoJo ~♥" ♥New Year New Resolution

Riyn Oh Riyn Oh "ღRiynღ" 豆腐 ♥ Bean Curd
Unknown Unknown "ღRawr Rawr" Sparkling

Ah Ben Ah Ben "大宝饭盒" Tired
Lois Lois "~善良的Lois~" Uncertain

Unknown Unknown "ღL's ANGELღ" Tender

Soul_GhraphiXxX Soul_GhraphiXxX "MyLostLuv" Missed U baby

Unknown Unknown "viKing" <--- true dat

Unknown Unknown "Candiz" Loving

Victoria Costain Victoria Costain Sexy

Unknown Unknown "♥AlfyPanda" Sparkling

Chui Lian Chui Lian "מיס פיגי" Inspired
Unknown Unknown "~Jia Jia~" Loving

Leenie Leenie "★pretty leenie" Sparkling

Jude Jude "♥Judy♥" And Quitted..
Pauline Pauline "Oinks Holdings"

Gillian Chow Gillian Chow "Star Fish ~♥" Loving

Manos Manos "my mr incredible" Very very dangerous!! :D

P u i P u i "♪ hachimitsu ~" Petulant

Unknown Unknown "FS" Tired*yawn*

Unknown Unknown "Drëamer." Lonely

Leona Tsai Leona Tsai "Asian" confused T~T ♡?

Kyurisu Kyurisu "♥Kyurisu" Ecstatic

Cheryl Tan Cheryl Tan "Whiskey's mummy" Carefree
Unknown Unknown "Only Mine" Crazy

Queen Scithea Queen Scithea "Hopeful Beauty" Naughty

Unknown Unknown Emo

Briana Siegrist Briana Siegrist i'm still fly ;)

Unknown Unknown "~Sweet Anders~ " Calm

Martina Blahunkova Martina Blahunkova "♥Mrs Barnes♥" Sleepy

Jackie Jackie "abda" Sparkling