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Entry by Invitation Only


1: Post a comment "Thumbing" in the herd talk (your marker).
2: Thumb the 3 most recent sets (topics) of 100 posts.
3: Post a comment "Posting" in the herd talk.
4: [Start New Topic] Make your topic and post 100 spams.
5: Notify the person you turned to [3] thumbs.
6: Post a comment "Finished. Notified (state who here)" in the herd talk.

* Only 1 (one) person may be posting in the herd at any one time.
* Your marker determines order (the queue).
* The person preceding you in the queue MUST have posted "finished" before you can post.
* If somebody has started thumbing please wait 5 minutes before posting your marker.

• Rule 1 ensures your spot in the queue. Without your marker you are not in the queue.

• Ensure you thumb EVERY post. No selective thumbing!
• Number topics "A1", "A2", "A3" though to "Z1", "Z2", "Z3" and then repeat.
• Turn your [MEMBER] bar off. If it is on you will be banned.
• Thumb top to bottom. Easier to remember who you thumbed to 3. Also stops mixed thumbs.

More than 1 person at a time can be thumbing after putting in their "thumbing" comment.

• 300 thumbs = 3000 points per round.

• If you Max giving thumbs state "I have Maxed Giving" in the herd talk. You cannot post after maxing giving.
• If you have Maxed receiving your existing set floats to the back. If you have Maxed receiving and you do not yet have a set in please feel free to thumb as usual and post your set, but put in your marker, and your last post, that you are Maxed. Anyone is free to thumb these maxed sets anytime you have thumbs to give :D


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