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Herd Profile: Grrly's 4000
Led by Carly Grrl | 17 members

This herd offers an easy 4000 points without constant scrolling! The thumbing action is kept within the discussion area.

Firstly you need to know the difference between 'Herd Talk' and 'Herd Discussion' areas. Herd Talk is used as a marker for each person thumbing/posting within the herd. The Herd Discussion area is where all the thumbing/posting will take place.

It's helpful for the non-scrolling benefits of this type of herd if Member signs are turned off, **Please turn off your Member signs**.

Herd leaders

Carly Grrl Carly Grrl "Sexy Red" not left for good - promise!

Michelle P Coetzee Michelle P Coetzee Lots of Catching up to do