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Led by Penelope Binder | 168 members

We all want to help each other to points:

1) thumb every post on every page which has not yet reached 10 (you can thumb more if you wish and admin hasn't had time to delete). Don't stop when you have thumbed one person to 10, you will more than likely thumb the next person to 10 too.

2) post 15 of your own comments (what you post is up to you). If you happen to post at the same time as someone else the one who posted first carries on, the second stops and waits... and then posts 15 consecutive posts. Admin will tidy up again later. It is important that posts are consecutive.

3) Leave the herd..... you can return and thumb and post again when two other people have posted since your last post.

4) At no time may you have more than 6 sets of posts in the herd (that haven't yet reached 10), if you're in a hurry to post again then find a friend to join the herd and thumb the posts to 10 quicker.

5) Friends are welcome so please invite them in. Anyone causing any amount of drama will be immediately thrown out..... I want to run a fun herd and not a Kindergarten :)

Courtesy Clause

If several people are in the herd at the same time, please be sure that everyone takes it in turn i.e. if 7 people are in the herd, you only post every 7th person. If nobody has posted after 2 mins then just go ahead with posting. The time of courtesy has lapsed after 2 mins.

If someone stops posting in the middle of their set, please send them a message to come back and finish posting. Again here, please wait. Maybe their computer has crashed and they need a while to re-boot. We all want points but I don't think anyone is so desperate for points that we can't wait a few mins. We usually wait for 8 mins but if the herd is full and there is a queue then as long as 2 mins have lapsed since sending out a message, please carry on.

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