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JO'S HOUSE OF 15 - - - H i ! And WELCOME to Jo's House of 15.............. - This is how it works: - Enter and post a marker, such as: T/P, Thumbing, or whatever you want. - Then thumb at least 15 pages. If you thumb more Great! =) - Then post. * * DON'T FORGET TO THUMB THE GAP BETWEEN YOUR MARKER AND YOUR FIRST POST * * - You don't need to wait for a notification to come back! Youu can post once every hour! ~ º ~ T h a n k s _ a _ l o t ! ! ! ~ º ~ Jo xxxxxx
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Just Jo Just Jo "JO" Not here

Char Char "My Precious" ♥♥

Mark J Mark J "Shaz pet NeverFS" loving all my pets & friends