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Herd Profile: The Borg collective SWARM 24/7
Led by Julie Hayes | 19 members

This is a 24/7 Swarm Herd. 1) Leave one (1) marker stating you are thumbing - T/P. This is a free post, it will remain in the posts and be thumbed with everything you and extra 7 thumbs. 2) If someone has already posted a T/P marker give them 15 minutes from the time of their post to allow them time incase of dial up connections 3) START THUMBING FROM THE FRONT TO THE BACK ****take your time, don't rush through!*** 4) Post 24 spam 5)Once your spam have reached 7, they will be cleared and you will be notified to return to repost. If u haven't been notified for a while - please use Your initiative to come into the herd to check to see if u had been cleared and not notified - then contact admin so u can post again. . ~~~RECRUIT, RECRUIT, RECRUIT! IT IS THE ONLY WAY WE WILL HAVE A PRODUCTIVE, LUCRATIVE HERD!~~~
Herd leaders

Julie Hayes Julie Hayes "Bijou" Frisky

Cristine Cristine "Stine" Adored

Ashley B Ashley B "HasH" Feisty

Tom Tom "ME TOMMIE BOI" Nervous

Bradly Ring Bradly Ring "Lickys Playtoy" Playful

Lisa Hachey Lisa Hachey "L ' sexy" Been RL busy!!

Saliwyn Beleren Saliwyn Beleren "sali" Loving

Paul Paul HORNY

Unknown Unknown Lonely

Dorothy Thomas Dorothy Thomas "'Ma'lady'" Ferocious

Kirsten Kirsten "princess" Inspired

Jessica Jessica "Gorgeous Lady"

Unknown Unknown

Unknown Unknown "Freedom is Power" Seraphim High Command

Craig Craig "Sourires Cachés" ~

Unknown Unknown "Dark Gem Claws" Uncertain

Unknown Unknown "My Arabic prince" work work & work
Unknown Unknown "ღdilon" Neglected

Carol Carol "In Perpetuum"

Kirsten Kirsten "~Kirsten~"