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All credit for this herd goes to Christopher Pereira, who innovated this idea! His heard - HWH, is the standard for all such herds as these. His herd is at this link - please request to join. 35590 The second of these herds, Fast and Easy, is operated by Chris' owner, Christine McGinnis. The link is The third Herd is Fast4000 as led by one of my HP mentors Dave Purcell . The link is It would be a great way to triple our fun (and points) to join all FOUR herds! First thing you should know is the difference between 'Herd Talk' and 'Herd Discussion' areas. If you do not know the difference, please find out before doing anything else Also you should disable or turn off the "MEMBER" sign from under your avatar plus via your Privacy options turn off showing your online and the IM feature as this takes up space and impairs speedy thumbing . In this herd we are thumbing and posting in the "herd discussion" area It is a 80-5 herd for 4000 pts Each person who posts has their own discussion topic with 80posts The Aim is to keep the herd moving as fast as possible to maximize points. As a member you are not required to come and post every day. Do it at your own free time. Our benefits are for people who are interested in getting more points for the least effort. EFFORT: You will spend approx 12 min to thumb and post and you will get 4000pts in 2hrs (best)or 9hrs (worst) Total 1 thumbing and posting. This will occur once a good level of members is reached. Total time you will spend in the herd for each rotation, once you catch on to it (should only take you one round) is 12min Showing Some Love Graphics
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