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Led by Mitsuko | 11 members

Gather those with the same style de dp de ppl... ^^

- Must be leng zai or leng nui
- Must hv the same dp
- Must be our common friend
- Must either love "ah Q" or "Edison"
- Must be able 2 contribute 2 ah Qs n Edisons o...

I love u, u love me... we r happy family... ^^ muaks...
Herd leaders

Mitsuko Mitsuko "Mitzi" Adventurous

Unknown Unknown "♥horfun♥" Emo

Ivar Yap Ivar Yap "♥VarVar♥" Uncertain

Asther Yap Asther Yap "❥親親枫儿" 快乐就好