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Led by Unknown | 26 members

This is a 30 / 10 points herd... Come and enjoy the rapid rewards! The rules are simple: 1/ On entering the herd you will immediately, ‘Post and Thumb’ to announce that you have entered. 2/ You will only post 30 entries…. Two pages. 3/ Once a person gets 10 thumbs you will delete that person, then notify them that they have been deleted and commence with your Thumbs. 4/ Each member will be able to become an administrator….. Just get approval for joining. 5/ Post often and thumb….
Herd leaders

Unknown Unknown ""❤My Hubby❤" Perplexed

Unknown Unknown Tired

Unknown Unknown "My Prince"

Unknown Unknown

Manda Manda Playful

Unknown Unknown "♥ X ♥" Purring

Lin Lin K Lin Lin K "Bunny" had a lovely time w/my love MARK

CK CK "♥SiowTaoQi"

Unknown Unknown Loyal

Cathy Wings Cathy Wings "beautiful wingy" Loving
Unknown Unknown "~*manguitou*~" Daring

Penelope xxOwners Cute Cupcakexx Penelope xxOwners Cute Cupcakexx ƸӜƷDirty deeds done cheap♥

Unknown Unknown slightly dazed

Jen Jen "Miss Behaving" Naughty

Unknown Unknown "Yong yong" Peaceful

Unknown Unknown "~pastelito~" Adventurous

Chippy Harris Chippy Harris "Chippy" Peppy

Unknown Unknown "Smooth Stu" Feisty

Doreen Doreen "my camel" Crazy

kimmy scott kimmy scott "My Angel"

Unknown Unknown "Pretty 1" Lazy

Unknown Unknown "BabyRisa" Playful

Damita Damita "Lit damita NFS" Loving
Unknown Unknown "Only Mine" Crazy

Miss Savage Miss Savage Playful

Jessica Dixon Jessica Dixon "Lil' Mommy" Uncertain
steel from melolz steel from melolz "Chippy's Pippy"
heather dawson heather dawson "Sapphire"

Annie Annie "country girl" Bored Wiv HP
kelly  Obrien kelly Obrien "--------"