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THIS IS A 2/50 SCHOOL of IKAN BILIS 1. FIRST post your two (2) thumbable posts UPON ENTERING THE HERD. *note: no comments stating "thumbing then posting" or "cleared and notified" necessary as you will be posting then thumbing (the opposite) and you'll be clearing and notifying at the end and exiting the herd. 2. THEN thumb until you reach the SCHOOL post at 50. (you will most likely be turning one to 50) you will be thumbing 7+ pages. Please refrain from skipping. 3. LASTLY, clear and notify that one (1) member and make your exit. *note: You may use simple words "Ikan Bilis" or "IKAN" should suffice when you notify a member, but including the link would be great as there are going to be more similiar herds opening up soon. Please please please spread the word!! you post two (2) comments, thumb 7+ pages, clear and notify one (1) person and you've just made 1000 points. quick and simple. School of Ikan Bilis will require you to RECRUIT diligently for it to improve in function but WILL guarantee a very rapid 1000 point gain a visit once we hit critical mass. RECRUIT, RECRUIT, RECRUIT and lets SCHOOL!! SCHOOL!! SCHOOL!!
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