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Herd Profile: HWH
Led by Sleepless | 64 members

In this herd we are thumbing and posting in the "herd discussion" area
It is a 80-5 herd for 4000 pts
Each person who posts has their own discussion topic with 80posts
The Aim is to keep the herd moving as fast as possible to maximise points. Also posting and thumbing in 'herd discussion' area is a lot faster as you don't have to scroll up and down when you are thumbing.
As a member you are not required to come and post every day. Do it at your own free time.

Our benifits are for people who are interested in getting more points for the least effort. For those who want to compare, or need convincing, listed below are the benifits of time saved for maximum points

You will spend approx 12 min to thumb and post and you will get 4000pts in 45min (best)or 9hrs (worst) Total 1 thumbing and posting. Total time 12 min (based on when we had at least 20 active members)

You will spend approx 2min for 500pts in 1hrs(best). However to reach 4000pts you have to post 8 times over a space of 8 hours. Thats a total 8 thumbing and posting at different times in 8 hours. Total time spent posting and thumbing =16min

Herd leaders

Sleepless Sleepless "Ch0colate ♥" Lazy

Kate Kate "♥ Baby Kitten" Sweet Thoughts :)