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Led by Houssam Chehadi | 144 members

Characteristics Could Be Indirectly Inherited, As Behaviors That Favor Survival. ♀Follow Your Instinct♂ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ PST: Pacific Standard Time (USA & Canada)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Herd leaders

Houssam Chehadi Houssam Chehadi "My Friend Always" In My Heart...

Red Red "Cat Whisperer" Seductive

Ted Ted "Tiger Ted" Lovin' Life

Unknown Unknown "我的tiGeR" Feisty

kingjeng kingjeng Playful

Sakurazukamori Sakurazukamori "cummin kunoichi" Chaotic Neutral

Bernard Yong Bernard Yong "Yo yo ♥ " Uncertain

Rita Maria Samaha Rita Maria Samaha Courageous

Nicole Martinez Nicole Martinez "My Girl *NFS*"

Bot Botzz Bot Botzz "ღmissing Aღ" Carefree

Helen Helen "Queen of beer" Injured

Veronica Lim Veronica Lim "♥Veronica♥" Sparkling

Mia Mia "Button" Tired

Bere Bere ...

Calista Calista "ღCalistaღ" Annoyed

Unknown Unknown Loving

hannah hannah "My PreciouS!! " Serene

Chen_C_H Chen_C_H "Pirate♥ chen" Peaceful

Shauna Elizabeth Katherine Crane Shauna Elizabeth Katherine Crane "Westcoast Beauty" Mellow

Zess Lim Zess Lim Inspired

Chuck York Chuck York "yorky" Lazy

RayneXHarper RayneXHarper "Xarper" Petulant

Genesis Pabon Genesis Pabon "ジェナシス" Crazy

Grg C Grg C "Hipster Greg" Cheeky

Coffeebeans Coffeebeans "BIG Beans" Leaving HP :(

Krista Krista "sweet tigress" Content

Greatestlover Greatestlover "My carebear☆" Feels like kissing the rain...

Gone Livin Gone Livin "past self" Bye Hp:] With <3 2 Close Frie

Andrew Clements Andrew Clements "Mr. Binky-NFS" Adventurous

Michelle Michelle "Queen of Hearts" Cheeky

Unknown Unknown For Death shall only come when..

Briana Siegrist Briana Siegrist i'm still fly ;)

Ju Wei Ju Wei "Meow" Purring
Ashlee Ashlee "Heavens Angel" Sexy

Mathew Meyer Mathew Meyer "Mr. M" Lazy

F R I D A F R I D A "Moje Serce" dreams r over...

Belial Belial "Blood Queen NFS" Bloodthirsty Predator

Michael Saab Michael Saab "PURE HOTTNESS" Cheeky

Chang Lee Chang Lee "Princess Lover" Content