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MySpace Backgrounds (1) Wait for your turn to post. (2) As you enter, leave a marker: "Thumbing & Posting" or anything of that kind. This is a freebie. (3) Thumb BEFORE posting unless the room is empty, then it is okay. Thumb all posts, from the first page all the way to the back. (4) Post your set of 50 comments. (5) UTD markers are not allowed. (6) If a member maxes out, do delete that person's set if there are more than 3 hours until reset (12am Pacific Time) (7) Posts and sets that reach 10 thumbs need to be deleted (8) If you're not an Admin notify the person if he or she has reached 10 and let me know to make you one. (9) Turning off your memebership light rocks! (10) Don't forget to say, "Thank You". Thanks, Russ!
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James James "CYBER DILDO"

Unknown Unknown "•bestie•" Inspired

Unknown Unknown on HP vacation

Sarah Porter Sarah Porter "My Love !" but dont stop if i fall

Mousey Mousey Loyal

Unknown Unknown

Paulina Yumiko Paulina Yumiko "my dearest" Bold

Unknown Unknown Lonely

Unknown Unknown "Dizz the Bizz" on VAcatIOn??

Anqueetas Mario Anqueetas Mario "Mario 2009" Bow before your God!

Carine Tan Carine Tan "Strawberry Girl " ♥·´` ·.¸ .♥

Cagcan Cagcan Playful

SunShine SunShine "My Treasured one" Feisty

MarZ MarZ "♥Marz♥" Feisty

Karlie Profantova Sasondoncillo Karlie Profantova Sasondoncillo "Obsessed 4 Paul"

Manos Manos "my mr incredible" Very very dangerous!! :D

Liza Liza "Crazy CAT!" Tired

Unknown Unknown

Unknown Unknown "Loooved" Serene

Unknown Unknown "Queen" Feisty

Claire Webb Claire Webb "Claire Voyeur" Evasive

Unknown Unknown "*my kitty*" Peaceful

Chili Jezzabella Chili Jezzabella "CH1Li" let there be light...ers. ..
Julie Julie "Wild" Peaceful

Unknown Unknown "Queen of thumbs"

Unknown Unknown "Sweet Beauty~" Feisty

Unknown Unknown "Eyes of an Angel" Unwell
Unknown Unknown "Heavenly Haven" Calm

Unknown Unknown "Angel" ♥♥seduct ive♥♥

Mary Garter Mary Garter "Princess Mary" Adored
Tyler Nelson Tyler Nelson "Poster Boy"

John Dory John Dory "Fishface" Sparkling

Scott Phoenix Scott Phoenix "Big Daddy" Growling