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A new craze is sweeping Human Pets, in a swarm like effect. Basically this is how it works: 1. On entering the herd post 2 comments 2. Thumb the rest of the comments in the swarm 3. If you thumb a comment with 20+ thumbs please notify that person (apply for admin status) and then delete the comment 4. Should only be 4 pages of thumbing to accomadate 4. Once notified that person will repost in the swarm and the cycle will begin again HAPPY SWARMING!!
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Unknown Unknown "She'll be back" Bored of HP

Unknown Unknown "Amorsito" Courageous

Unknown Unknown "Ida " Naughty

Unknown Unknown "Eros" Courageous

Agnes Low Agnes Low "♥Aggy♥" Lazy

Dove White Dove White "Write Birdy"

Unknown Unknown "mr. awesome" Adored

Unknown Unknown "My wuv" Peaceful

Greg Fenty Greg Fenty "Sara Fentys " Playful
Juan Montes Juan Montes "AWOL ;) xx"

Starlette Starlette " The Dazzlin One" not really around much

Cheryl Tan Cheryl Tan "Whiskey's mummy" Carefree

Tori Tori "Saucy" Playful