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*Shaz's Love Swarm~~5/10~~* | - Free online hangout and friends
Herd Profile: *Shaz's Love Swarm~~5/10~~*
Led by Sharon Lee Oberhardt | 33 members

1.This is a 5/10 swarm........ 2. leave( 5) comments......... 3. THUMB to post 10....... 4.MAKE SURE YOU MESSAGE post person 10 and notify them to return to *Shaz's Love Swarm*.................. 5. PLEASE REMEBER TO delete posts at 10........ 6.when you recieve a message saying *return to Shaz's Love Swarm*.................................. come back and comment again.
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Herd leaders

Sharon Lee Oberhardt Sharon Lee Oberhardt PC IS BROKEN, I WILL BE BACK

Nic Morrowind Nic Morrowind "Pfft busso"

Unknown Unknown on HP vacation

Unknown Unknown "special one" With Shaun :)

Unknown Unknown "virtueღ" Has A Cheshire Cat Grin

Annette Gavin Annette Gavin "My Goddess ~x~" Divilish Diva <3

Unknown Unknown "GermanFirePlayer" Love Beer & Whiskey

Derrick Sartain Derrick Sartain ":D" Playful

Unknown Unknown "!" Peaceful

Victoria Costain Victoria Costain "Groot" Sexy

Ms Darkness Ms Darkness "Metal Princess" Loyal

Unknown Unknown "Sunny" Sexy

Suzanne See Suzanne See Purring

Unknown Unknown "All On Black" In Travis we trust :)

Kassi Kassi "Miss Sexy Kassi" Intrigued

Dick Wobble Dick Wobble "Q'waii ink" Cheeky
Poppet Poppet "Beautiful" ~Absent~

Unknown Unknown "HombreCristalino" Festive

Sherri Beregovoy Sherri Beregovoy "♥beautiful♥" Feisty

Marian Simms Marian Simms "~My #1~" Content

Pilly Ball Pilly Ball "Sacramentium" Rabid

Unknown Unknown "My Arabic prince" work work & work
Unknown Unknown "Cheri guigui" Wild

Victor Chua Victor Chua "My L♥ve Prince"

Unknown Unknown "My Pretty" Feisty

Cheryl Tan Cheryl Tan "Whiskey's mummy" Carefree

memememem memememem "For Sale " Courageous

Taipan Taipan "Dr. Tittytorture" Adored

Xander Xander "Wild man" Craving a Creative Outlet

Mary Garter Mary Garter "Princess Mary" Adored