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♥♥TWINS♥♥ | - Free online hangout and friends
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Led by Valerie | 48 members


This is a 2/50 Spam Herd. Much like the "Swarm" Herd, except post TWO (2) comments

1. Only IWO (2) thumbs-able post allowed per SWARM member per visit.
2. PLEASE No T&P or C&N posts allowed.
3. Post your TWO (2) as soon as you enter TWINS
4. Thumb until you come to the first two 50'.
5. Clear both, TWO (2) comments and notify the TWINS member.
6. When you notify the menber, just leave the word "TWINS"

We guarantee a very rapid 1000 points per posting per visit.

Everyone will be made a an Admin Person, so Deleting and Notifying will be available to everyone.

Once you join, consider yourself "A TWIN"

Invite, Invite, Invite.... Let's get this Party started.

Twins rule

Herd leaders

Valerie  Valerie "Sunshine" Sparkling

Unknown Unknown "Dark Romance" Sexy

Shawn J O Shawn J O "Master S.o.N." Carefree

Unknown Unknown "Girmicek oyuna" Content

Dapple Pony Dapple Pony "Naughty Pleasure" likely to change

Unknown Unknown "mr. preferent" Hopes it doesn't snow too much!

Janette Wati Janette Wati "WW3" Cheeky

Unknown Unknown "The King" Loyal

Unknown Unknown "GermanFirePlayer" Love Beer & Whiskey

Rosali Rosali "Pookie Bear" Sparkling

DoubleU DoubleU DoubleU DoubleU "Resting ♥" Intrigued
Unknown Unknown "MY FRIEND"

Unknown Unknown Tired

Victoria Costain Victoria Costain Sexy

Unknown Unknown "canim benim" Tired

Ziur Susej Ziur Susej "LAWER" Adventurous

Paul Paul "Naughty Devil" HORNY

Unknown Unknown "Sweet Salient" Peaceful

Unknown Unknown "Robin-NFS" Lonely

Elin Elin "Stunning Elin" Playful

Michelle Bell Michelle Bell "^_^" Evasive
Unknown Unknown "Dirty Primate"

Jay Jay "Frisky" Naughty

Unknown Unknown "Kaiga Hito" Peaceful

Chili Jezzabella Chili Jezzabella "CH1Li" let there be light...ers. ..

Tim P Tim P "Catnip"

Unknown Unknown "swiss roll" Calm

Unknown Unknown "De's Deviant" very happy
Sherry R Sherry R "Foxy Kitten" Sexy

Cheryl Tan Cheryl Tan "Whiskey's mummy" Carefree

Unknown Unknown "JESS' TIFFIE NF" Naughty
Unknown Unknown "half of ...." Curious

jack jack "Handsome man" Seductive

Unknown Unknown Calm

Unknown Unknown "Sweetheart :) "

Unknown Unknown "~*Chris*~"

Unknown Unknown "Daddy" Naughty

Unknown Unknown Loyal

tina x x tina x x "Betty's Sweetie" Naughty

Odette Maureen Wernick Odette Maureen Wernick "sweety" Serene

Mandy Williams Mandy Williams "~*MANDY*~" Playful

Shauna Katherine Armstrong Shauna Katherine Armstrong "pucker up" Lonely

Ayla Wade Ayla Wade Join my herd *Shooting Stars*

Sonia Abigail Sonia Abigail "Sweet-Charm" Playful