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New Rules for the more active players of hp. Now you can come in and post once and hour. But please always remember to thumb after you post. We will no longer be informing you to come back in and post. If you've read this please reply under the topic. These rules are subject to change when the swarm gets busier. But this is a new rule for more active players. This is a post one clear at 50 herd... but until we get moving we will be clearing at ten. When posting you can simply post a number, or you can post a sentence about gothic life. Thanks Ashley. PS, you don't have to be goth to have fun in here, just be a dark ass. hehe. Just kidding of course.
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Unknown Unknown "Ash" Festive

Hung HH Hung HH "Le Petit Prince" Loving

Tom Tom "ME TOMMIE BOI" Nervous

Unknown Unknown "Fallen's Lette" Frisky

Lisa Hachey Lisa Hachey "L ' sexy" Been RL busy!!

Unknown Unknown Sparkling

Jenni Benz Jenni Benz "Benz" Trusting

Unknown Unknown Content

A Nony Mous A Nony Mous "Pocket Princess"

Unknown Unknown ""Bitt"" Annoyed

Robz Teo Robz Teo "Russian Roulette" Adventurous

Erhan Ceylan Erhan Ceylan "RAWR♥" Ferocious

Unknown Unknown "Chrispee" wants to know what love is......

Unknown Unknown "!" Peaceful

Troy Rahme Troy Rahme "Toothless" Adventurous

Unknown Unknown "The Big G" Naughty

Unknown Unknown "Luke at that!" Intrigued

Kristina Thompson Kristina Thompson sore

Unknown Unknown "Arwyn" Trusting

Unknown Unknown "X My Soulmate X" closing profile down x

Suzanne See Suzanne See Purring

Dorothy Thomas Dorothy Thomas "'Ma'lady'" Ferocious

Unknown Unknown

lesley sartori lesley sartori "My ♥ Lady " Playful

Shaun Powell Shaun Powell "Surfer Dude" Cheeky

Unknown Unknown "Jo" Adored

Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown "Karen's Pet" Loving

Unknown Unknown "Black and blue" Thirsty

Unknown Unknown "我家老爺" Loyal

Unknown Unknown "Karen's Pet" Growling

Unknown Unknown "~Big T~" Playful
Unknown Unknown "Karen's Pet"

Unknown Unknown "WHERE IS HE? :)" Seductive

Naughty Wind Naughty Wind " nawty boy" Naughty

Sam Stutler Sam Stutler Inspired

Xander Xander "Wild man" Craving a Creative Outlet