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Herd Profile: I need some L.O.V.E.
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I don't know the relevance of this herd's name in its real concept. But anyway, we all need love in this world and glad I have that on my family and friends. This is really a herd where we can hang out and talk. And if you come alone here you can spam as many as you want. It will be thumbed too. This herd started out without any purpose or idea. Then came along a lady stranger. I was just creating spams here until I invited some of my friends to use this herd in chatting and the rest is history. They became my family and started out with a simple home until we became royalty. So if you're a guest, feel free to drop by as our knight just slays dragons. You can be a part of the family too. Enjoy! :D


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Princess Princess "Krystle clear" been away for a while