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THE MACHINE OF POINTS | - Free online hangout and friends
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WELCOME TO THE MACHINE!!!! ***RULES *** RULES OF 50/10 1.-Before you thumb back, post that you are thumbing to reserve your spot to spam and that will act as your 1st out of 49 spams. 2 - Thumb all the previous posts from front to back 3 - Post 50 of your own posts (1-50 OR 50-1) 4 - Clear any set(s) that you have thumbed into 10's, notify the member that they can post again, post a message in the herd stating who you cleared and notified. 5 - When your set has reached 10 thumbs, your set will be deleted by an admin, and you will be notified to come back and thumb and post again. LETS MAKE POINTS!!!
Herd leaders

Unknown Unknown "Queen of thumbs"

Unknown Unknown "my MOE" Calm

Gracie McSexkitten Gracie McSexkitten "ANGELS SexyNFS" Seductive

James James "CYBER DILDO"

Darkness Darkness "Berk" Tired

Unknown Unknown "♥Alexis♥" Trusting

Dewald van Wyk Dewald van Wyk Frisky
Julie Law Julie Law "Precious Jewels" Wishful

Wayney Wayney Tired

Unknown Unknown "Reason To Smile" Hopeless
Unknown Unknown "Bonderful Witch"

Unknown Unknown "marianaki" Wild

Derek Derek "Derek" Happy

Tess Tess "the princess" Bored

Yan Yan "Mon Ami - NFS" last auction

Unknown Unknown ☆ ☆ ☆

Unknown Unknown "My Hero"

Hypnotic Hypnotic Intrigued

Carine Tan Carine Tan "Strawberry Girl " ♥·´` ·.¸ .♥

Unknown Unknown "sEZZA"

MarZ MarZ "♥Marz♥" Feisty

Chih-Chung Chih-Chung "Mine! :)" Playful

Penelope xxOwners Cute Cupcakexx Penelope xxOwners Cute Cupcakexx ƸӜƷDirty deeds done cheap♥

Unknown Unknown "my one and only" ~ I'm Staying! ~

Unknown Unknown "Sweetie Ha" Adored

Unknown Unknown "ET" Dazed

Chris McCormick Chris McCormick "HADES" Sexcited!

Unknown Unknown "Black Rose ." Wild

Unknown Unknown "my sweet pet" Inspired

Mira Mazlan Mira Mazlan "Beautiful Mira" Sparkling

Lyndsey Townsend Lyndsey Townsend "Ms Obedient" Playful

Stephanie Huang Stephanie Huang "squirel's wifey" Naughty

Unknown Unknown Totally IN LOVE With Martin!!!

Chili Jezzabella Chili Jezzabella "CH1Li" let there be light...ers. ..

Unknown Unknown "☆Daddy☆" Wild
Unknown Unknown "Long gone "

Anastasia Fraghia Anastasia Fraghia "Serene" Playful
Unknown Unknown "My Hang" Sparkling

Fallen Fallen "The Crow"

Herbert Herbert "My prince......." Festive

Unknown Unknown "Mirza =]" Curious

Unknown Unknown "My Plaything" Thirsty

Unknown Unknown "我家老爺" Loyal

Unknown Unknown "So cool" Cheeky

Unknown Unknown "~Sweet Anders~ " Calm

C S Jones C S Jones "My Desire" Seductive

Sirus Sirus "Betty's ♥" Back where he belongs..

Taipan Taipan "Dr. Tittytorture" Adored
Scottie Scottie "Damn fine" Thinking qualify for 2012
Don B Don B

Carol Carol "In Perpetuum"

Mary Garter Mary Garter "Princess Mary" Adored