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Herd Profile: Nerds' Fantasy Soap
Led by Anna Katrina | 17 members

Inside you'll find a fantasy soap opera world. Everyone chooses their own character, and should introduce their character in brief in the Herd Discussion post for that purpose. Examples include vampires, werewolves, princes and princesses, pirates and mermaids. Its up to you. Just choose a character you want to play, and check out the existing ones to see if there are characters you can interact with. Once in the herd, you are always your character, whoever it is, but of course, its a soap opera, you can change some elements as you go. This is a game, do not take offense if people's characters are, for instance, not easy to get along with. However, if someone is repeatedly interfering with the way the rest of the characters are moving the story, then they may be banned. Also, no killing characters unless you check that they want to be killed. All soap operas have tons of fake deaths, but these should probably be coordinated.
Herd leaders

Anna Katrina Anna Katrina "~Katrina~" Curious

Chris Ogle Chris Ogle "Sexy Cowboy" Perplexed

Hethar Hethar "~Rainbow Sprite~" Pirate