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This herd is a numbers only herd....number to 50 as each person reaches 10 thumbs they will be deleted and notified to repost......thumbing will be must click each thumb if you want to lazy or fast thumbing allowed..if thumbs are getting missed you will be removed from the herd...i have seen to many times the lazy thumbers getting all their thumbs but screwing other people out of theirs.. i will be making pretty much everyone an admin so that people can be deleting as they go...and it is the responsibility of those that delete to notify... hope everyone has fun and earns lots of points.. any questions just ask..
Herd leaders

Unknown Unknown "For Sale" peaceful

Tammy Tammy "Missed n loved" Content

Valerie  Valerie "Sunshine" Sparkling

DoubleU DoubleU DoubleU DoubleU "Resting ♥" Intrigued

Unknown Unknown "Handsome Prince" Content

Mark Letourneau Mark Letourneau "Markman" Peppy

Paul Paul "Dr Paul" Adventurous


jack jack "Handsome man" Seductive