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Hey everyone I am doin a new to help out me and other peole that need points. Even if you dont you are still welcome to come in and join. Heres the rules...
When entering please thumb everyone before you. That way no one gets missed. you are able to post 50 comments after that...When you do come in please put down you are" THUMBING THEN POSTING". That way the person that comes in after you knows you are in here and thumbing so they can wait their turn.You can come in and get up to date. that way you are not sitting here for a long time thumbing others. Also please make sure you thumb everyone's thumbs. If it is not done right you will be kicked out. This makes it fair to everyone who comes in here and thumbs correctly. ONCE a person gets 10 thumbs on their comments they are to be deleted and messaged.That way the can come back in and thumb and post again. Well I hope that you all come in and enjoy the place. thanks everyone
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