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'*Viva LA Thumbs ~RESURRECTION*' | - Free online hangout and friends
Herd Profile: '*Viva LA Thumbs ~RESURRECTION*'
Led by Fallen | 131 members

Here are the rules, : Do not skip a comment when thumbing, Do not post more than 50 comments simply saying 'utd' outside of your 50 comment spam, no gifts or emoticons in your spam....count 1-50.
When entering the herd post that you are thumbing, or post (T/P)...this will reserve your spot for when someone comes in when u r thumbing. You called it first.
Comments that reach 10 will be deleted by admin, if you are admin, then delete who you turn to 10. and notify the person you turned 10 to come post again. YOU MUST NOTIFY THROUGH MESSAGE WITH A LINK PROVIDED. When you hit 10 you can post another 50 comments. You will be notified by other admin when it is your turn...or you can check in and if you are on 10 feel free to spam and delete your old spam. DO NOT DELETE SOMEONE'S SET OF SPAM, UNLESS YOU ARE SUPERVISOR AND THE PERSON IS BLATANTLY NOT FOLLOWING THE RULES
Also, Play nice =) .cup img {display: none !important;}
Herd leaders

Fallen Fallen "The Crow"

Unknown Unknown "benny boy" Wild

vook vook "You Mad Bro?" 13 more days!!!

Emily the Edible Embezzler Emily the Edible Embezzler "Cookie Lover" Craving Cookies!

Blue Bombshell Blue Bombshell Grrrrrrrrrrr :@

Ruth Orbon Ruth Orbon "Killer" Very Well Loved!!!

James James "CYBER DILDO"

Leice Leice "Smexy Leice" missing someone special

Cherise Gill Phillip Cherise Gill Phillip "Chocolate Bunny" Carefree

Jasna Jasna "Pequeñita" Sparkling

babyseraph babyseraph "Hardcore Dancer" Feisty

Unknown Unknown Playful

Unknown Unknown "♥Alexis♥" Trusting
Mr Norton Mr Norton

Michelle Michelle "cupcakes ~♥"

Unknown Unknown "Rachel" Frisky

Mark Beck Mark Beck " Mark" Adventurous

Jeanne Jeanne "my HP wife" Learning to relax..
Julie Law Julie Law "Precious Jewels" Wishful

A Nony Mous A Nony Mous "Pocket Princess"

Wayney Wayney Tired

Michelle P Coetzee Michelle P Coetzee Lots of Catching up to do

Unknown Unknown "Reason To Smile" Hopeless

rachael drury rachael drury "Rachyboo!" Adored

Unknown Unknown "**Purrs**" Loyal

Unknown Unknown "~sweetish~" Playful

Unknown Unknown "Pengi" Purring

Mohamed Wagieh Mohamed Wagieh "Amazing ♥" Adored

Unknown Unknown "Smexxxys" Thanx 4 Everyones Support

Unknown Unknown "Enjoyable" Inspired

Unknown Unknown "sweets" Calm

Unknown Unknown "Dark♥Rider" Wild
Unknown Unknown "My Bodyguard" back! so far ;)

Bastion of Solitude Bastion of Solitude "Demon Samurai" Hopeless

Tammy Tammy "Missed n loved" Content

JoJo Chow JoJo Chow "JoJo ~♥" ♥New Year New Resolution

Unknown Unknown Seductive

Ivonne Ivonne "my best present" Adored

GrYpHoNeTtE GrYpHoNeTtE "purrfect pet" Feisty

Dapple Pony Dapple Pony "Naughty Pleasure" likely to change

R Calder R Calder "Dulce de Leche" PISSED OFF!! I WANT MY PRESSIES!

Unknown Unknown "LLiiOOnnN MRAWR!" Loyal

Mike Mike "sweet miky" In love
Unknown Unknown "Bonderful Witch"

anneliese anneliese

Paul Paul I will be back :)

kah ching kah ching "晶晶的KC"

Robert Oster Robert Oster Content

Annette Gavin Annette Gavin "My Goddess ~x~" Divilish Diva <3

Nikki Nikki " G Nierika" Loyal

Daughter of the Widow Daughter of the Widow "ღ )O( ♥" Sparkling

Sharron Diamond Sharron Diamond "Gold" hot

BeArDy BeArDy ""The BeArD"" Uncertain

Unknown Unknown "Smokey" Carefree

Derek Derek "Derek" Happy

Fang Fang "My Queen❤" •.♥.•

Vicky Vicky "SEXY Vixen" Tired

Mary Johson Loving keith forever Mary Johson Loving keith forever "Playthingy" Adored

susan susan "Vanilla Vixen" Carefree

Pixie Dust Pixie Dust "Immortal Beloved" LOVES FALLEN FOREVER!!!!!

Unknown Unknown Sleepy

Victoria Costain Victoria Costain Sexy

Unknown Unknown "My Sally" Carefree

Ziur Susej Ziur Susej "LAWER" Adventurous

Unknown Unknown

Youngbear Youngbear "My bear :)"

Princess Cadence Princess Cadence "Cadence " Growling

Hypnotic Hypnotic Intrigued

Unknown Unknown "。My Bitch。" Trusting
Alana Stanlislav Alana Stanlislav Calm

Unknown Unknown "Perfect♥Smile" *Living Life / Loving Life *

Unknown Unknown "sEZZA"

Poppy Balfour Poppy Balfour "Miss Dance-A-Lot" Feisty

EvilClownsToy EvilClownsToy "Toy" Naughty

MarZ MarZ "♥Marz♥" Feisty
Unknown Unknown "♥~Tan~" Sparkling

Ang Ang ""*Angel*"" Curious

Karlie Profantova Sasondoncillo Karlie Profantova Sasondoncillo "Obsessed 4 Paul"

Dwight Wallace Dwight Wallace Content

Gillian Chow Gillian Chow "Star Fish ~♥" Loving

Unknown Unknown Wild

Unknown Unknown

Lori Peterson-Dyck Lori Peterson-Dyck "Boo" Loyal

yasin yasin "Sweetheart" Crazy

Jade J Jade J Sweet Euphoria

Unknown Unknown "Sweetie Ha" Adored

Ah Kit Ah Kit "mimie's kitty"

Charlie Charlie Loyal

Rana Suvak Rana Suvak "The Dancer" Seductive, Sexy & Sweet
Poppet Poppet "Beautiful" ~Absent~

Unknown Unknown Cheeky

Charles Rigby Charles Rigby Playful

Dan Waldron Dan Waldron "Mantastic!" Sleepy

megan megan Content

Donna Donna "ღ My Goddess " hilariously happy

Jill Trenorden Jill Trenorden "-" counting down the days

Alise Carter Alise Carter Feisty

Joanna Doyle Joanna Doyle "M.I.A Jo" Tired

Unknown Unknown Calm

Wandering Soul Wandering Soul "Soul Reaper" You Hold Me ~♥~ Without Touch
Unknown Unknown " My Suger Daddy"

Juan Juan "babii jp" Lazy

Kim Kim "Baroness Kachina" Playful

Dana Wodak Dana Wodak @ T/P @ Wolfssssssss @

Nicky Akers Nicky Akers "my nicky :)" is a happy camper :)

Tan Min Chin Tan Min Chin ""¤ My BB"" Wild

Ant Lee Ant Lee "~蚂蚁~" I Love 2371186

Valerie Burgues Valerie Burgues "♥Precious♥" Loving

Bina Bina "Dream Devine " anti-6s

Unknown Unknown "my lady N4$" Evasive

Unknown Unknown "Beautiful Lady" Calm

Nathen Nathen "Nathan" Dazed

Al Fredo Al Fredo "noodles" Confused

Unknown Unknown Naughty
Unknown Unknown "Goddess AlisaNFS" Intrigued

Unknown Unknown "Tigress" Content

Y J Y J "ni's target❤" Gloomy

Renaeann Renaeann "Reina de Madres" Serene

Chaxy Chaxy
David Small David Small "ღMy love NFS" Adored

Chili Jezzabella Chili Jezzabella "CH1Li" let there be light...ers. ..

Unknown Unknown Playful

Unknown Unknown "The Dude..Man! " Rabid

Unknown Unknown "master " Peaceful

Unknown Unknown "☆Daddy☆" Wild

Unknown Unknown "Queen of thumbs"

Lara Richardson Lara Richardson "Angeni " Content
Sherry R Sherry R "Foxy Kitten" Sexy

Eduardo Jordan Eduardo Jordan "laliruchis" Playful

Rett Rett "~ Sexy Angel ~" ❤ DaRr'S AnGeL❤

Unknown Unknown "rita"

Forbidden Paradise Forbidden Paradise "MyProtector<3" Sexy
Unknown Unknown "Long gone "

Tiff Oakley Tiff Oakley "Hot Tiff" Wild
Unknown Unknown "Cheri guigui" Wild
Unknown Unknown "My Hang" Sparkling

Al  Al Loyal

Unknown Unknown "My Auntie" Sparkling

Unknown Unknown "MISSED :-((" Bad Boy

Unknown Unknown "Pretty as Roses"

Unknown Unknown "我家老爺" Loyal

Unknown Unknown "♥Ma sk8er gurl" Content

Mdnite Mdnite Meh....

Unknown Unknown "SeaDog - arggghh" Pirates rock

jack jack "Handsome man" Seductive

Unknown Unknown "LoNely Ong" Lonely
Unknown Unknown

Unknown Unknown "So cool" Cheeky
Unknown Unknown "Heavenly Haven" Calm

Unknown Unknown "Pegaso" Inspired

mumma katz mumma katz "Mumma Katz-NFS" Purring

Unknown Unknown "Sweetheart :) "

Unknown Unknown "^Tan zai^" Loving

Anastasia B Anastasia B "~Persephone~" Sparkling

Justin Fox Justin Fox Naughty

C S Jones C S Jones "My Desire" Seductive

Jess Ica Jess Ica "Angel of hope" GoodBye from Jess Ica..xx
Don B Don B

Carol Carol "In Perpetuum"

Elizabeth Darcy Elizabeth Darcy "♥ Lovely Lily " Adores her owner...♥

Barbara  F Barbara F "Princess Petal"

Keith Johnson Keith Johnson "ENCHANTED LOVE" Whatmothafuc kerloggedina sme?!?

Mary Garter Mary Garter "Princess Mary" Adored

Cam Cam

Bassmaster Bassmaster "Robert" thumbing yet again

Aeval Aeval "Little One NFS" Cheeky

Toesies Toesies "Toey Panda" Ferocious

Dr Shelly P Dr Shelly P "Sweet Ink" Tired

Kenny G Kenny G Adventurous

Cleo Cleo Intrigued

Lady Dreadful Lady Dreadful " " sinsational

Sheila Lovely Sheila Lovely "The Phenom" Growling

Tuulia Tuulia "~tuulia~" Loving

Teresa Teresa "✿ܓ" Evil Red
Unknown Unknown "Trojan Rabbit"