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★Royal Ninja family★ | - Free online hangout and friends
Herd Profile: ★Royal Ninja family★
Led by Kyurisu | 23 members

We do NOT fight, we spread LOVE ^_^

Are you secretly a ninja or openly aspire to be one? Do you have crazy unexplainable powers that the only thing that has prevented you from taking over the world is simply lack of motivation or time?

Are you a WILD, PET, HUMAN or GOD ninja? Still undecided?

Come join our little 'Ninja Family' where all your ninja dreams come true! Join a clan, complete missions to get rewards and make cool new friends!

Embrace your inner Ninja!

(credit to: Keri)

This herd is purely for fun, the only condition is our members have to be ACTIVE!

Ninjas do spam: Thumbing herd for all Ninja Family members >_< Join, thumb, and spam
Herd leaders

Kyurisu Kyurisu "♥Kyurisu" Ecstatic

Unknown Unknown "piggy ღ" Hopeless

Kumiko Kumiko "♥Agent 00chibi" Ferocious

Willz Willz ">4" Uncertain