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Herd Profile: Kyrios´ 15/5 thumbing herd
Led by Kyrios | 11 members

No approval needed, open to everyone, now BEHAVE ya all. In order to help us all gain points, i´ve created this 15/10 herd. Which means, thumb all post in here, finish by posting 1 page/15 comments, and when 10 thumbs is reached the comment will be deleted. You´re all welcome to invite others to make this herd work. If lots of people join in, i´ll find more admins to help cleaning out in pages. You´re free to post another page as long as theres been 2 others in between. If I get this herd up and running, i figure 5 set off post should be enough, but until then feel free to post.
Catch you all later...
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Kyrios Kyrios "MASTER w/ a PhD" Naughty

Unknown Unknown Growling

Luna Luna "radiance" looking for paradise o_O

Unknown Unknown happy

Amsley Cherry Amsley Cherry "ღPriceless" alcohol is necessary

Chrissi Chrissi "Tess' Prize" Playful