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Welcome to the ♡° Prince and Princess Human Pets °♡ Herd~!

A place for all those beautiful prince and princesses out there in HP

~♡° Prince and Princess Human Pets °♡~
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♡OKeee!! :D
♡The first contest has officially ended today!!!
♡Winners will be announced, and their prizes of 10500 pts each will be given too :)



~♡° Prince and Princess Human Pets °♡~
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Here are the rules so far, please read through them.
Remember! This is a place for all the princes and princesses of HP to gather and just have fun! ^ ^

♡° Prince and Princess HP °♡ Rules:

On entering Contest:

1) You may submit up to maximum of 2 photo’s of yourself in the Herd’s Photo’s (Please keep it clean, otherwise it will be deleted) If you exceed 2 photo’s, the extra ones will be deleted.
2) Copy and Paste the short Questionnaire (found in the herd’s announcement, questionnaire will be up soon for the upcoming contest). Each week's questionnaire differs. Answer the questionnaire and submit it as a new topic in the Herd’s discussions. NB: only one topic (i.e: Answers to Questionnaire per contestant.)
3) Contestants may not vote for themselves but are welcomed to participate in nominations of others if they would like to.
4) If you've won a contest, please refrain from entering the next one. You may enter thereafter. Thanks ^^
5) Good luck and have fun!! ^ ^

On Nominating Prince/Princess:

1) Buy vote tokens (at a cost of 130 pts each) at Leona’s HP shop which can be accessed here: . There are different types of tokens: A “vote for Princess” token and a “vote for Prince” token. You are allowed to buy as many tokens as you wish. There is no limit.
2) To vote: Go to your chosen contestant('s) topic found in the herd’s discussions and place your token as a comment underneath his/her completed questionnaire.
3) You may vote for a maximum of 5 contestants (prince/princess). You may only place maximum of 5 votes per contestant.
4) Please only place Princess Votes for girls, and Prince votes for the guys. If a Prince vote is placed under a girl contestant's entry, it will not be considered and same thing applies for the princess vote under a guy contestant's entry.
5) Each contest starts on Mondays and lasts for two weeks (ie one contest lasts over two weeks therefore two contests per month).
6) Contests end on the second Saturday, where all the contestant photos and topics will be deleted. Winners will be announced on Sundays.
7) Winners chosen will be Prince and Princess HP (sorry there are no runner-ups for this contest).
8) Most importantly...HAVE FUN!!! :D :D :D

Prizes for Prince and Princess include:

1) Points will be given to each winner. (exact number to be confirmed, and may differ according to each contest.)
2) Their photos will be used as the Herd’s Photo for the time they are Prince and Princess.

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