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Led by Randy | 10 members

this herd is for people willing to do a bit more thumbing to make more in the long run.
RULES; always thumb before posting,thumb everything that you have`n`t thumbed before
then spam your 210 comments [14 pgs]
the goal is to get 10 to 15 people in the herd deleting comments after 10 thumbs
making you 21 000 each time
[THIS HERD WILL BE RUNNING AT ABOUT 155PGS LONG ]so stay thumbed utd and you`ll make more posts and make 2000 more and you`ll make 20 000 a cycle
Herd leaders
Randy  Randy

Unknown Unknown on HP vacation

Tof fer Tof fer "Eureka" Frisky

Unknown Unknown "My Sis"

Unknown Unknown "Sexy Sam" Adventurous

Diann Boulet Diann Boulet "Randy's" Purring

Unknown Unknown "Precious 'D'" Inspired

Unknown Unknown "Mr Mmmmmm" Frisky

Unknown Unknown "Mel" Carefree

Unknown Unknown "Angel" Lazy

Jewel Jewel Sparkling