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This is a friendly place for people of an artistic nature or admirer of art to hang out- orfor people to browse others work. People can upload and discuss art work but it must be YOUR own artwork. This is abit of an experiment- lets see if we can make this work =)
Please note- You must be a member of the herd to add a photo and refresh the page =] You can always leave the herd if you wish. Ofcourse =P
1. Upload a piece of art to the photo section
2. Add the title of your work in the discussion part and a little about it. then people can comment on your work.
3. Check back every so often to see if you have comments- If I notice you have some I shall notify you.
4. Enjoy, stay friendly and constructive critism as well as compliments are more then welcome.
5. This is NOT a spamming herd. Spams will be deleted!!!
Art of all kinds is accepted. For eg, painting, drawing, photography, wood work, welding, unusual art? etc.
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