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HINT!!!!! Remember to HIT the F11 key when you are ready to spank someone makes your spanking screen bigger THE NEW TURBO HERD :-)) Check OUT THE TOPIC AREA ON HOW TO MAKE A SPEED HERD..

********RULE******* You must try to Thumb the person all in one Day ..unless the person Max's then that is understandable :-)

RULES: In order to join you must have 333 pages of speed herd thumbs.. it will take just two people for you to thumb and them to return the thumbs and you will be takes less than 2 1/2 hours to thumb those :-)) More people that join the more days you get to M@X quickly.

Put your 333 thumb herd links in the topic's..ask someone to exchange with you..and we are on our way to a Maxing Day...:-)
After you have done your 333 pages of posts..If I were you I would work on a New herd ready for later.. That is what I am doing...Also remember all you have to do is ask in the comments or send a message to someone that you have not exchanged with and see if you can make a date to exchange SPANKS

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Vampyre Goddess Vampyre Goddess "Wicked" The Worse Day Ever.